3. Tim Tebow the Myth

Blame this on Skip Bayless and Josh McDaniels.  While Josh McDaniels was the head coach of the Denver Broncos, McDaniels moves up in the draft to draft Tebow in the first round.  Tebow was drafted No. 25 overall.  This holds not only a great payday but first round expectations.  And the expectations are if you draft a college quarterback first round he will be a great NFL quarterback. Ryan Leaf excepted.  

But in reality the myth of Tebow has nothing to do with him being a quarterback.  The myth is it doesn't matter how his stats stack up because he is a winner.  And this mantra is spreading thanks to the demonstrations of ESPN's Skip Bayless. Bayless is unwavering in his pontifications of Tebow. 
The aura of Tebow follows him wherever he goes.  

Sanchez  is followed by the whispers that he underachieves, that he is lazy and worst of all that he is soft.  Granted the soft comment comes from Skip Bayless so take it for what it is worth.  This isn't an aura of myth that follows Sanchez, it is a nightmare.  And when he wakes up what does he find?  He is slapped in the face with the myth of Tebow. 

Everyone knows the shadows of a nightmare never quite leave you.  When you see Sanchez shudder on the sideline you know why. 

2. Tim Tebow the Quarterback
Last year Tebow became the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos.  While his stats were unimpressive, he completed 46.5 percent of his passes he was the quarterback that took the Broncos to a playoff run. Tebow passed for 1,729 yards with 12 touchdowns, six interceptions and seven fumbles.  But he led the Broncos to a first round playoff win against the Steelers. 

Mark Sanchez has been the quarterback for the Jets for four years.  Last year he threw for 3,474 yards with a career high 26 touchdowns.  He also had 18 interceptions, with a 56.7 percent completion rate.  The Jets' and Sanchez did not make the playoffs.  

Last season with Sanchez the Jets were one of the most efficient red zone offenses in football.  They were tied for the league lead with touchdowns on 80 percent of their goal-to-go touchdowns.  However they were still only 25th in total offense.

This year the Jets' have bought in Tebow  for goal line stands.  He will supposedly be in for newly minted Wildcat formations, to increase their goal line efficiency.  But is he also there to increase their total offensive output? 

Last year during the Broncos training camp, Tebow was the fourth best quarterback on the field.  Analyst, voyeurs and players alike were saying Tebow was being outplayed by Kyle Orton, Brady Quinn  and rookie Adam Weber.  All this talk and he ended up being the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos.

This season the word out of the Jets training camp is that Tebow is being outplayed by Sanchez.  
Stop me when this starts sounding familiar. 

1. Tim Tebow the Running Back
Last year after the Chicago Bears played the Broncos at Sports Authority Mile High Stadium.  Upon completion of the game, in reference to Tebow, Brian Urlacher commented, "He's a good running back.  He runs the ball well.  He does a good job for them. "  Last year as the Denver Broncos quarterback Tebow ran for 660 yards with six touchdowns and six fumbles. 

Make no mistake about  it Tebow wants to be an NFL quarterback.  If his way into a starting quarterback position is the Wildcat so be it.  If Tebow goes into goal line situations he will score.  Remember the Miami game last year, everyone knew he was going to run, and he did.  And he scored.  If he starts consistently scoring in goal line situations, there will be a clamor for him to be full time quarterback.

Sanchez rushed for 103 yards last year.  He also had six touchdowns and 10 fumbles.  Although the Jets were one of the most efficient red zone offenses in football, the Jets felt they needed an upgrade. 

Those footsteps Sanchez hears behind him belong to Tebow the quarterback. 
is more than a football player.  Whether it is because of his religious beliefs, his awe shucks disposition, or his running shirtless through the rain.  Whatever the reason he transcends football. 

Yet he still manages to cause a major disturbance when on the football field. 

Sanchez will constantly be looking over his shoulder this year. For a quarterback who is constantly questioned about his ability to take his team to the next level, any errant pass will elicit calls for Tebow. 

Are either worth a fantasy football draft pick?  The Wildcat will skew Tebow's fantasy point total.  If you are in a traditional league where only one quarterback is allowed are you really going to play a quarterback who will only see goal line plays? 

Or a quarterback who is taken out when his team gets to the goal line? 

There is a good chance Tebow will be starting quarterback for the New York Jets by mid-season.  But until then pass on the Jets quarterbacks.