I think the Jets made a good move bringing in Tim Tebow. We know he can start if he has to, making him a great back up QB. The Broncos drafted Tebow in the first round then the Jets gave up a fourth round pick to get him, now you have two first round picks at QB.

The perception of everyone outside of New York is that the Jets; the players and coaches are an evil organization. Timmy Tebow will help change the way the Jets are viewed. The trade also expands the Jets fan base.

The run game will get much better if Tebow can win the starting job. The Bronco’s didn’t have anything special at running back last year, but when you have to account for the fact that the QB, HB, and FB all could take off and run the ball, it makes it much harder to defend. That’s why the Broncos had such a good run game. The Jets can easily adapt to an offense that fits Tebow’s skill set.

It even helps the Defense! As good as the Jets defense is; it doesn’t need the QB to score 35 points per game. They need the QB to pick up a few first downs, play safe, and let them rest long enough to come back in and make plays.

This also means they can run the WILDCAT. Since losing Brad Smith, it hasn’t been run effectively. Remember what head coach ran the Wild Cat perfectly just a few years ago? Well if you don’t, he is now the Jets offensive coordinator. Tony Sparano will love this addition and will have plenty of plays to complement Tebow’s skill set. Trick plays on special teams and extra points, the Jets could now open up the playbook a little bit more with faking field goals and the point after.

I think it would be best for the Jets to leave Tebow as the backup to Sanchez, using him in Wild Cat plays. Tebow is worth the fourth round pick the Jets gave up to get him. With the right tackle looking more like a turnstile rather than a tackle, this move might pay off sooner than later! Don’t fool yourself into thinking the Jets could have picked up a right tackle in free agency either. With all of that being said I think Mark Sanchez is the unquestioned starter. If your not a fan of Sanchez compare his stats in the first three years to Eli Manning and Drew Bree’s, then let me know what you think. Sanchez only started one full year in college but is coming along nicely for not having much starting experience in college.