Tim Tebow is not for everyone, he is a limited passer and needs to be with a coach and team that will work with him and build around his limitations. The kid is a winner and a nightmare for modern NFL defensive coordinators to prepare for.

Think about the 1st Playoff game Tebow played in and the DC he was against…. Dick Lebeau, From the Powerhouse Pittsburgh Steelers. A man who is a Hall of Famer and has made many great NFL QBs look like fools.  Tebow beat him with the help of his Broncos teammates, throwing for over 300 yards while rushing for 50. With the right type of personnel around him, #15 can win in this league.

It was proven in 2011. The Arizona Cardinals and Tim Tebow are a marriage made in heaven.

The 2012 Arizona Cardinals were a terrible offensive team that failed to get production out of both the running and passing game, ranking 32(Out of 32 teams) in most statistics. The team had injuries along the offensive line and the quarterbacks were beaten and battered because of this. Upgrading that unit in both the draft and free agency must be priority #1 for the organization entering the 2013 offseason. Defensively, this is a very good group with talent on all 3 levels of the defense and both youth and experience.  The best recipe for this team heading forward is a ball control offense with short passes and power runs to protect the OL. Sounds a lot like the 2011 Denver Broncos.  Their QB? Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow is not a combine creature or a picture perfect passer. But he is a football player and leader who can bring ball control and the threat of power runs and read option type plays from the QB position. The two top teams in the NFC West- The San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks- feature two mobile QBs, strong running games and hard hitting defenses. The Cardinals defense fits the bill and can keep the team in games when the offense can sustain drives and not turn the ball over.  This recipe for success has worked in this division and neither of those teams possesses a WR the level of Cardinals superstar Larry Fitzgerald. Tim Tebow can be a difference maker for Arizona.

The single biggest issue holding the Cardinals back is the offensive line. A an average unit when healthy was almost laughable in 2012 when injuries robbed them of their 2 best players at the vital positions of Center (Lyle Sendlein) and Left Tackle (Levi Brown) for most of the campaign. The good news? Rookie Tackles Nate Potter and Bobby Massie as well as undrafted free agent C Scott Wedige got extensive playing time and should be greatly improved in their sophomore seasons after a year in both the system and offseason program. Still, adding a talent to this unit has be priority #1 for the Cardinals as both the draft and free agency  approach.

Tebow helps protect not only your defense but a developing O line as well. The standard NFL defense-whether it be a 4-3 or 3-4 alignment- looks to pressure or cover and is geared towards a pro style passing attack. Defensive coordinators often do not account for the Quarterback as a runner in either their blitz schemes or pressure packages. Tebow can hurt a team on the field due to the fact that they must alter their attack and fronts to take him away. In the run game, teams often line up in 7-man front with a strong safety being the 8th man in the box.

Usually the Offense does not block this man and the QB is responsible to look him off in a passing situation. Tim Tebow hurts this type of front with his running ability and size. At almost 245-250 lbs., he is a brutal matchup for all defensive backs. Go look at his game winning TD vs the NY Jets in 2011. He beat a safety on a blitz late in the game and ran past him for a thrilling victory. The Steelers came after him with a blitz on the first play of OT and Tebow completed a quick slant to WR Demaryius Thomas for an improbable 80 yard score to help Denver advance to the 2nd round.

With the Cardinals likely to retain Kevin Kolb as QB, Tebow could present either an option for a straight up QB competition, serve as a backup or change of pace-wildcat situational role in 2013.  The team has not hired a coach as I type and that hire will obviously greatly impact any moves heading into the future.  Offensively, they are solid at WR and TE but could use some solid play at the running back position.

Starter Beanie Wells has been hurt off and on for most of his career and has made noise about leaving Arizona. Meanwhile, former2nd rd. pick Ryan Williams has ended each of his two NFL seasons on IR. LaRod-Stephens-Howling is a special teams ace and ideal 3rd down back. Meanwhile, Williams Powell and Alfonso Smith are unproven youngsters and appear to be developmental types. 

Tim Tebow and the Arizona Cardinals are an excellent fit for the reasons I outlined above. His unusual playing style from the QB position benefits your offense while protecting your Defense. He creates matchup nightmares for defensive staffs and hidden yardage in both the pass and run games for his offense. The Cardinals defense is good enough to win games almost by itself and adding an asset like Tim Tebow would make Arizona a contending team in 2013.  Make the move and bring Tebow to Arizona!