Tim Tebow When Tim Tebow passes his physical and signs with the New England Patriots, a marriage that should have been consummated a long time again will finally come to fruition.

If there was ever a place for the former college superstar, it was in Boston under the tutelage of Josh McDaniels, his former head coach in Denver.

It will also lay to rest the calls from hundreds of Tebow supporters that Jacksonville should have been the prodigal son’s final destination.

It could be, in time. But for now, the Jaguars have no interest in him, the Patriots will sign him and the media circus will take its act to Boston after spending time in Florida, Colorado and New York.

Brace yourselves, the “Tebow” train could make its way to your hometown this season.

The uber-popular “athlete” will learn to play within a system that has been used for maligned players in the past. If there is any team that can handle the success and failure of a player with as much Chutzpah as Tebow, it would be the Patriots.

Chad Johnson, Randy Moss, Albert Haynesworth and Brandon Mereweather have all made stops in Boston in their NFL careers. All attempted to play within the controlled, almost workman-like environment of the Belichick system. All have since left the program.

While Tebow is nothing like any of these players and may never have the same success because his ability is not on the same level, attempting to corral such a “diva” in this league is just what the Patriots do.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Tebow will wear No. 5 for his new team, another tip of the cap to the Patriots and the NFL, who both will enjoy profit from a new number and a new identify for this player.

While the media is still getting in place in Foxboro and ESPN is salivating over having huge discussions about this move, let’s not lose sight of the fact that although I hate the move, the signing is brilliant for many reasons. It reunites Tebow with McDaniels. It gives the Patriots another players who will play many positions. It means Tebow can play and will not be pressured to supplant Tom Brady (like that would happen) or play from the first snap.

Tebow will likely play some quarterback and fullback or H-back. He could also play tight end since the Patriots do not know the status of their All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski.

It also means the Patriots are sticking it to Jets once more. And we all know that besides Super Bowl wins and playoff runs, there is nothing more that Belichick likes than beating his “good friend” Rex Ryan.

If you want to be honest about it, if Belichick can take a mediocre quarterback and make him a star, that also helps cement his legacy as one of the five best head coaches of all time.

This has to be the biggest “win-win” of the NFL season and the regular season hasn’t even begun. Guess it means Belichick and Tebow are already working their magic.

And trying to take the NFL by storm already.