Tim Tebow Welcome to the Tim Tebow 32-team tour.

His passport is currently stamped with the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and the Statue of Liberty. 

It's a whirlwind trip. The only question is where will it be stamped next?

Almost everyone thinks the next landing place will be Jacksonville. Why?


What are the chances Chip Kelly supplants Mike Malarkey?

Kelly brings in Tebow and the new era of hybrid football begins in Jacksonville, Florida.

Quarterback Play

The Jaguars currently have two active quarterbacks on the roster. Second-year quarterback Blaine Gabbert and journeyman Chad Henne. For the 2012 season, the two together managed 21 touchdowns and 22 turnovers. The Jaguars ended the season 2-14. 

Before his injury in November, Gabbert accounted for nine touchdowns, six interceptions and four fumbles. He passed for 1,662 yards and he rushed for 56 yards. 

Henne in relief passed for 2,084 yards. He had 11 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. He fumbled once. He ran for 64 yards. 

In comparison, Tebow playing for the Denver Broncos passed for 1,729 yards. He had 12 touchdowns, six interceptions and seven fumbles. And here is where it gets good, Tebow rushed for 660 yards. He had six rushing touchdowns and six fumbles. 

Tebow playing for the New York Jets is non-statistical. He was never used as a quarterback. And his intermittent use in the Wildcat was pathetic. 

Superficially, Tebow outshines both Henne and Gabbert. Statistically, Tebow lags behind in passing yards while dashing ahead in rushing yards. But make no mistake, Tebow is no Robert Griffin III, Cam Newton or Andrew Luck. He rushes but he is not a passer. 

In five of Tebow's seven wins with the Broncos neither team scored more than 20 points. 

Defensive Play

The Jaguars' defense is ranked 30th overall. They are ranked 29th in rushing defense and 22nd in passing defense. There was only one game in 2012 where Jaguars' opponents scored under 20 points. That was in a 17-10 loss to the Jets. In 13 games, Jaguars' opponents averaged 29 points per game. This included seven home games where the Jaguars tended to get blown out. 

An acquisition of Tebow would have to include an upgrade in the defense. 

Rushing Game

And here it gets interesting. Three words can usher Tebow into the friendly confines of Jacksonville: Maurice Jones-Drew. Willis McGahee's numbers escalated with Tebow at quarterback. Can you imagine the numbers Jones-Drew could put up?

An early acquisition of Tebow will give the Jaguars time to install an offense best suited for his skill-set. The spread offense can work in the NFL. But Tebow would still have to improve his passing skills. They are probably a little rusty after his stint in New York. 

Star Power

This is the most important reason Tebow will end up in Jacksonville. The much maligned son returning home to regain the dominance he displayed at both the high school and college level.  Who is going to resist?

Tebow will sale tickets. Shad Khan didn't get into this game to lose money. 

Tebow sells tickets and he sales the belief that a winning attitude will conquer all. He sells hope.

The Jaguars are a franchise badly in need of revenue and wins. Tebow will guarantee one, and promise the other. 

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