The NFL is both right and wrong about Tim Tebow. More than likely he is not a starting NFL QB. What he is is a FOOTBALL PLAYER and he presents value to a team and organization that utilizes dynamic versatile talents.  No coach more than Bill Belichick has found ways to maximize this type of player since taking over the New England Patriots in 2000. From Mike Vrabel (LB,TE) to Troy Brown (WR,DB,KR) to Julian Edelman (WR,KR, DB) dual threat players have been a Patriots specialty. 

Belichick and his staff would line him up all over the field while causing the oppositions special teams coordinators hundreds on antacids. Think of a Mad Scientist working with Frankenstein, that is Belichick with Tebow. That is why Tim Tebow and the New England Patriots are a perfect marriage made in heaven. 

The minute Tebow lands in Boston, he has no pressure to play Quarterback for the first time in his pro career. The Patriots have the best QB in the league in Tom Brady under center; there is no competition, no controversy. He can relax and improve with one of the greatest players in NFL history showing him the way.  While serving as a primary backup QB, he can also fill in as an Hback-TE hybrid and short yardage fullback. His biggest value-and this is an area where he made some plays for the Jets in 2012- would be as one of the personal punt protectors on the punt team. Rushers have to respect a potential fake or trick play and at minimum, the extra 1.5-2 seconds your blockers gain will be huge in the kicking game. Tebow is also a good enough athlete to make tackles and cover the punt; the man is almost 250 lbs. and looks like a decathlete. 

Another huge factor that would enhance Tebow’s potential in New England is the fact that the man who drafted him in Denver-Josh McDaniels- is the offensive coordinator of the Patriots. Who better for Tebow to work with than Brady and McDaniels? The Patriots do not appear to have a successor to #12 on the roster and keeping Tebow in the system and developing him ala the San Francisco 49ers with Steve Young (Joe Montana) and Green Bay Packers with Aaron Rodgers (Brett Favre) would be an ideal situation. As great as Brady is, he is not going to play till 2075 and this gives both the players and organization a clear line of succession. 

Meanwhile, as Brady continues to lead the Patriots offense short term, Tebow could assume an almost Jim “Crash” Jensen role as a do everything roster saving bonus. Jensen was a 12-year pro from the Don Shula 80s Miami Dolphins teams. A college QB, “Crash” was a standout on the punt and kickoff coverage teams while becoming the 3rd down back for Superstar QB Dan Marino. Over 12 seasons in Miami #11 caught 229 passes for 2171 yards and 10 TDs, he also threw for 2. Jim was voted NFL Special Teams player of the Year in 1988.  Shula and Belichick are linked in many ways and you could easily see the Pats Head Coach drawing a wide smile figuring out ways to utilize Tim Tebow. 

In summary, Tim Tebow can be a difference maker in the right situation for a team that does not need him to come in and throw for 350 yards.  The New England Patriots fit this description to the tee. On a team with a coach who sees round holes when others see square pegs, #15 can be a major asset. To Bill Belichick, Tim Tebow is a Swiss Army knife. As a son of a Navy man (Belichick’s Father Steve coached at the Naval Academy from 1956-1989), that is a big compliment.  Pairing Tebow with Belichick and the Patriots roster as well as Brady and McDaniels is a recipe for success.  Bring Tim Tebow to New England and let the Dynasty continue!