Tim Tebow suffered through one of the most bizarre season a professional athlete can ever experience, as the New York Jets seemed more concern with selling his jersey than putting him on the football field. That experiment failed, and Tebow will move on to a new opportunity.

In 2013, he needs to find a head coach that has the confidence and patience to play him at the quarterback position and not allow his existence on the roster to become a sideshow attraction. The best fit for Tebow is with the Minnesota Vikings.

The biggest mystery in sports is if Tebow can sustain long-range success in the NFL, as he’s never been given a legitimate chance to play in an offensive scheme that suits his strengths as a quarterback. This season, the Washington Redskins and Seattle Seahawks have shown that a college-style spread offense of using a hybrid (run/pass) athlete in the quarterback position can be highly successful in the NFL.

If a team is looking for a new identity or their own RGIII, then they should take a closer look at Tebow who is faster and stronger. He isn’t a pure pocket-passer, as he throws the football better on the run. Tebow doesn’t have the tightest spiral, but it gets the job done.

Bringing him to Minnesota will not create a distraction inside the locker room, as Tebow never became a part of the Jets three-ring circus. The Vikings are the perfect team for this grand experiment, as they have the offensive weapons (running back Adrian Peterson and wide receivers Percy Harvin) in place to make this work. This could be Tebow’s lone opportunity to join a franchise strictly as a quarterback and not as their savior. Moving to Minnesota will allow him to learn his position without the distractions of being the media’s main focal point.

It’s not like Tebow hasn’t had any success in the NFL, as he brought the Denver Broncos back from the ruins. In fact, Tebow has a playoff win on his football resume. He threw for over 300 yards in an overtime win against the Pittsburgh Steelers in last year’s playoffs. No one can forget his electrifying 80-yard touchdown pass on the first play of the extra stanza.

Until we can see Tebow in an offense tailored around his skills, we’ll never know what he’s capable of in the NFL.