Tim Tebow is still under contract with New York, but he’s been buried on the bench due to any number of conspiracy theories—a mysterious rib injury, Rex Ryan’s devotion to Mark Sanchez and Jets’ ownership avoiding performance escalators in his contract, to name a few.

Assuming Tebow is on the trading block, these are the top five most likely destinations in 2013:

5. Winnipeg Blue Bombers

The bottom-feeders of the Canadian Football League really struggled on offense in 2012. The expanded field dimensions of the CFL would open up more passing lanes for the hesitant thrower who generally looks uncomfortable in the pocket.

4. Las Vegas Locos

What better landing spot to reignite that 2011 lucky streak than Vegas?  The United Football League is always seeking to add recognizable players to expand their fan base…


I am being serious.

OK, fine. Here are five NFL teams that could use some Tebow Magic: