Tim Tebow: Top 5 Landing Spots For The New York Jets' QB in 2013

By David Guidera
December 16, 2012 9:01 am
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Tim Tebow is still under contract with New York, but he’s been buried on the bench due to any number of conspiracy theories—a mysterious rib injury, Rex Ryan’s devotion to Mark Sanchez and Jets’ ownership avoiding performance escalators in his contract, to name a few.

Assuming Tebow is on the trading block, these are the top five most likely destinations in 2013:

5. Winnipeg Blue Bombers

The bottom-feeders of the Canadian Football League really struggled on offense in 2012. The expanded field dimensions of the CFL would open up more passing lanes for the hesitant thrower who generally looks uncomfortable in the pocket.

4. Las Vegas Locos

What better landing spot to reignite that 2011 lucky streak than Vegas?  The United Football League is always seeking to add recognizable players to expand their fan base…


I am being serious.

OK, fine. Here are five NFL teams that could use some Tebow Magic:

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By David Guidera
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2 years ago
David -

You are the man!!! Your articles are not only humorous but also insightful. Keep those lists coming. They are off the chart!
2 years ago

You got it! Thanks a lot for reading, Ryan!
2 years ago
Amen: PATS GO: THOSE JETS had the winner sitting on the sideline! TIM TEBOW let him run on offense and PASS the BALL DOWN THE FIELD!! Those of you who don't think Tim can pass, go review Florida Gators & Tim's freshman, sophomore, jr and senior years! Thousands of yards passing, thousands of yards rushing. Tim's like Larry Csonka with a left-handed passing arm. TIM tell those who want to change your 'passing motion' to go pound sand. Byron Leftwich still WINDS-UP when he throws (Back up the Big Ben at Pittsburgh) NOBODY told Byron to 'change his passing motion'.
Where ever Tim Tebow ends up, he's a WINNER. Bill Bilichek and the Patriots KNOW what to do with Tebow and it doesn't include SITTING ON THE BENCH. Make him a slot receiver, a U-back, an H-back get him out against a linebacker and watch Tim break tackles. Currently the Pats have a converted QB now a wide-receiver out with a foot injury. I forgot this kids name but he's a player. Come on somebody get Tebow on the field; He won 7 or 8 games with Denver year before this
2 years ago

I love your passion Paco, but even the SEC can't compare to the NFL. Tebow's 2011 passing completion percentage with Denver was 45.6, which ranked dead last (34th) among QB's with at least 224 attempts. (Mark Sanchez was 28th at 56.7%, and 32nd at 54.8% this year)
It was probably implied that Leftwich’s wind-up was a problem when Jacksonville cut him. Tebow lead the NFL with 14 fumbles last year and that major league wind-up was a huge factor.
Obviously I agree if anybody can find a role for Tebow it’s Belichick, but this “winner” tag is a myth:
• His overall record as a starter is a mediocre 8-6.
• Tebow and the Broncos lost four out of the last five games played in 2011 including three blowouts.
• Each team beaten during the seven game winning streak was either terrible, injury riddled, or both.
• The defense played out of their minds during the streak, overcoming all the three-and-outs of a Tebow lead offense.
• Punter Britton Colquitt lead the NFL with 112 punts (aka: 112 third downs that weren’t converted) and stuck 42.6% inside the 20 (6th).
• Kicker Matt Prater was clutch, booting multiple game winners/extenders while boasting the eighth best percentage in kicks from beyond 50 yards (75%).
Not to mention the insane amount of improbable plays that went Denver’s way: the overtime fumbles, converted onside kicks, successful two-point conversions and lazy and/or arrogant lapses in defensive judgment by Denver’s opponents late in games. Truth was stranger than fiction.

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