The news broke from ESPN about a little while ago; Tim Tebow (the 48 percent passer and king of Saturday Night Live mockery) was signed by the New England Patriots. Tebow will appear in mini camp for the Patriots tomorrow. There is no update on the contract details in terms of years and money; however I would assume it's somewhere around the league minimum.

Many people online are scratching their heads, wondering why the Patriots would sign Tim Tebow? Honestly (and weirdly) I can see a few good reasons for the Patriots to sign him.

1. Signing Tim Tebow will not cause a QB competition:

There's no way Tim Tebow will be considered for the starting quarterback position as long as future Hall of Famer Tom Brady is in New England. Everywhere Tebow has been, there has been a stir caused by fans who want Tim Tebow to be the starting quarterback. There is no way fans can justify Tim Tebow (the man who has won one playoff game and couldn't beat Mark Sanchez or Greg McElroy for the Jets' starting job.) starting in place of Tom Brady. 

2. Tim Tebow can learn from Tom Brady:

Tim Tebow needs to learn how to play the quarterback position. He can run with the football, but refuses to throw a streamline spiral pass. Who better to mentor a young quarterback than one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history? Tim Tebow can learn what it means to be a leader in terms of skill. We all understand Tim Tebow's moral leadership abilities. However that means nothing on the football field. You could be the greatest person in the world, but to succeed in the NFL; a player needs skills. Tom Brady can help Tim Tebow develop those skills.

3. Another menacing gesture to the New York Jets

Let's be honest. I'm sure the Patriots believe Tim Tebow can help the football team; otherwise they wouldn't have signed him. However don't you think this is just another chance for Bill Belichick to gloat and spread his superiority over Rex Ryan? Somehow (just like he always does) Bill Belichick will find a way to use Tim Tebow effectively. That will send a direct message to the Jets saying “you failed with Tim Tebow and we succeeded!” I'm sure this could be a benefit to signing Tebow, knowing the personality of the Patriots.

Let's face it, Tim Tebow wants to get back at the Jets. What better way to get back at the Jets than by signing with their biggest rival and watching them beat the Jets into the ground? I'll be honest in saying; I would not be surprised if Tim Tebow's first touchdown this season came against the Jets in Patriots' win. Whether I like it or not, Tim Tebow signing with the Patriots might just be a good move after all!