Tim Tebow There seem to be conflicting reports swirling in the air around Jacksonville, Florida the home of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

On the one hand there are reports that Jacksonville wants to make substantial changes this offseason in order to be able to win games, but on the other hand there are reports that are saying it is "virtually certain" that Tim Tebow will be a member of the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2013.

As much as NFL fans and fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars might like having Tebow on their team, the truth of the matter is that Jacksonville will have to choose, winning games or have Tebow as a Jaguar.

Tebow is not the answer the Jaguars are looking for. In 2011 season and the playoffs Tebow had 12 games where he finished the game with a passing completion rate of 50 percent or lower, three of those games saw him finish with a pass completion percentage of less than 35 percent, and he six games where he did not complete more than nine passes.

In limited passing action this season, Tebow has completed six passes on eight attempts for 39 yards and no touchdowns.

Meanwhile in Jacksonville in 2011, Blaine Gabbert finished the season with only two games in which he did not complete more than nine passes, and had only six games where he had completion rates at or below 50 percent.

This season Gabbert and Chad Henne have combined for a 55.6 percent completion rate, 3,448 passing yards, 18 touchdowns and 14 interceptions.

So if Jacksonville is looking for a new starting quarterback why would they want one that is worse than the two quarterbacks they already have? Or if Tebow is competing for an vacant quarterback position in Jacksonville, how poorly would the other quarterbacks have to be for Tebow to win a starting job?

The fact of the matter is that Tebow has only thrown eight passes this season, and has only 102 rushing yards this season, meaning that he has not had lots of playing time this season and has not really led an offense for extended period of time in an actual game since January 14 when Denver lost to New England.

So why would Jacksonville or any team want as their starting quarterback someone who has not proven himself as a quarterback at this level, and who really has not seen any real action this season at the quarterback position?

Where ever Tebow lands in 2013, that team needs to use him as a backup quarterback and actually develop him as a quarterback, something New York has not done.

I think that Jacksonville's true motives are similar to New York's, they want publicity and they want to sell tickets. Tebow played high school football in Ponte Vedra, Florida which is about 30 miles away from Jacksonville, and played his college ball at the University of Florida. Tebow has connections and ties with the state of Florida so what better way to get the fans of a team that has only two wins this season into the stands?

Tebow has become an pop culture icon because of his playing quarterback at the University of Florida, because of his faith as a Christian and his lack of NFL ability. The sad part is that it is probably his fame that is going to cut his career short in the NFL.

Due to all the scrutiny that has been placed upon him, and the "circus" that follows him where ever he goes, I do not think Tebow will ever get a fair shake in the NFL. His fame is going to prevent him from being able to take the necessary steps he would need to take to be an elite quarterback in the NFL.

Tebow might have a chance of remaining relevant in the NFL if he was able to change positions, and even though he has done some of that this season with the Jets, anyone who has followed or knows anything about Tebow knows that first and foremost he wants to be a quarterback.