Tim Tebow Let's make it perfectly clear. Tim Tebow is not an NFL quarterback. An NFL quarterback needs to complete the pass 60 percent of the time to be effective.

Some days it's hard for Tebow to complete 40 percent of his passes. I don't care what Skip Bayless of ESPN constantly says about Tim Tebow being a great playoff quarterback.

The fact is Tim Tebow does well in the 4th quarter and overtime. However I'd rather have Bo Jackson at his current age quarterbacking my team than Tim Tebow right now.

However, like it or not (and I don't), Tim Tebow is a media phenomenon.

His religiously outgoing personality separates him from any other player in the world of sports today. How often is it that Saturday Night Life will make fun of an individual player for praying? In fact I think Tim Tebow set an NFL record in 2013 for more minute prayed than played.

The New York Jets signed Tim Tebow to be a part of the wildcat in 2012. I was one of the few people who thought Tim could succeed with the New York Jets at the beginning. But my hopes were quickly turned to pity at the sight of the Jets' mismanagement of Tebow.

The only reason Tim Tebow was a New York Jet was to fill the seats. And if Woody Johnson hadn't noticed, there were more disgruntled Jets' fans in 2012 than there were fans in Metlife Stadium. Whatever football skills the Jets claimed as the reason for bringing in Tebow were never shown.

I'm not knocking Tim Tebow the person. However, I am knocking Tim Tebow the personality. His style of life and religion is a breath of fresh air in the NFL; and that's what makes him a “icon.”

There are few in professional sports who carry the “religious personality aura” that Tebow does. It's because there are so few people like Tim Tebow that cause this media following. It's almost as if Tebow-Mania has become a religion itself. That's why no team will sign Tim Tebow; he brings the weight of the world to every team he approaches.

I hate to compare him to players like Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco but there is a real comparison. They all bring unwanted media attention upon themselves which makes teams weary of signing them. While Tebow's media baggage is different from Owens and Ochocinco; it is still media baggage. That's why no NFL team will ever sign Tim Tebow again, or any player like Tim Tebow.

I believe Tim Tebow has (unintentionally) opened a Pandora's box in the NFL. Players like Tebow that bring the media baggage will not be signed, regardless of skill. Or lack there of.

The media phenomenon is too big for any NFL organization to handle. Tim Tebow will not return to the NFL and only has Tebow-Mania to blame for it. Whether it's right or wrong to state this, it is the truth. The media attention caused by Tim Tebow has ruined the NFL career of Tim Tebow. That and a horrible throwing arm.