Tim Tebow The day and age of the religiously praised former 1st round pick, Tim Tebow, had quickly come to an end in the National Football League. 

After being cut by the Jets, none of the remaining 31 teams have shown any interest in the former first round pick. 

No offers from any teams to officially be welcomed to training camp, to see if he can still be a quality backup?  Ouch.

The part that hurts worse is he has found the same level of interest from the Canadian Football League. 

Thus, Tebow is down to three possible outcomes: finding an office job somewhere, work for ESPN or NFL Network (plenty of ratings potential), or the most likely option if he wishes to continue to play the game for pay and fun, is joining the Arena Football League.

The Arena Football League is tailor made for him to enter and dominate from his opening snap.  The greatest part is he can be added to a roster if he simply calls and does a small workout and meets the front office coaches. There's are 14 teams that will keep their ears open, and the moment his name hits as an available free agent, he will be snatched up quickly.

What works for him is his size, speed, plus an above average arm. He could quickly restore his name while showing that's he still has IT. The Arena Football League is just starting to grow, and with Tebow on board with CBS Sports backing, this would easily become a ratings match made in heaven. 

If the Arena League wants to take off and spin more teams in smaller or major markets, then Tim Tebow is the way to go; I can't see how they would pass him up. The potential figures are too many to pass on.