Never before have we seen someone so celebrated and loved, win a playoff game over a storied franchise, and be traded away like he was nothing to a circus of a team only to sit behind a QB that has no business starting a game in the NFL.  That was, of course, until we met Tim Tebow. 

Tebow was not only a QB in the NFL, he was a savior.  He inspired millions of people across the globe, had his own signature move, a website devoted to people mimicking that move, and the top selling jersey in professional football.  But this was not enough for the Broncos to keep the unorthodox gunslinger around.  Not when a gem like Peyton Manning was on the market.  So the trade was complete and Tebow was sent to the Jets, who then gave their other QB an insanely large amount of guaranteed money so he wouldn't think he was being replaced.  Now one year later, Tebow has been released and Sanchez is sputtering along in a five-headed QB controversy with a mixture of veterans and newly drafted Geno Smith out of West Virginia.  Explaining how absurd the aforementioned moves by the New York Jets are would take entirely too much of our time, so we digress and take a look at some options for Tim Tebow in the NFL.

Cleveland Browns

Let's face it, Tebow is a FOOTBALL PLAYER, not so much a traditional quarterback.  The Browns need football players and this just makes sense, especially with the loss of Josh Cribbs.  Cleveland is a hard nose city and team that is known for playing fundamental football, nothing flashy.  And let's face it, no one in the organization is sold on Brandon Weeden.  He was drafted by the old regime, so the new front office has no ties to him.  Tebow is a winner and could provide a winning attitude to the Cleveland locker room, something they've definitely been lacking since they've came back into the league.

Washington Redskins

Let me preface this by saying I'm not comparing Tebow's athletic ability to RGIII's, but I will say that Tebow is fully capable of running the same type of offense.  This would be a perfect backup QB for Shanahan and company when RGIII gets injured and needs a game or two rest during the regular season.  And let's face it, Kirk Cousins will not be there forever.  He may be a starting QB somewhere else as early as next season.  This would be an ideal marriage for both parties.

Oakland Raiders

The team where players go to die.  This has been a recurring theme as of late for the Oakland Raiders so for Tebow's sake, I hope this isn't going to be the scenario for him.  Carson Palmer was lucky enough to get out with a few years still remaining in the tank.  They acquired Matt Flynn via trade, but he hasn't proven he can win games consistently in this league, so Tebow would be an option to bring in and challenge for snaps.  He doesn't seem like the ideal personality to be leading the Raiders, but then again either was Carson Palmer.  They need someone who is tough and gritty, and Tebow is both of those things.  He just needs an opportunity to prove that he can play.  I think this would be worth a look if I were the Raiders front office.