Here are three reasons the Jets should trade for Tim Tebow.
He would boost the Jets offense
The Jets offense was terrible for long stretches of last year.  They ranked a middling 13th in points scored (23.6/game), a below-average 18th in QB rating (78.4), an unacceptable 22nd in yards per rush (3.8), and a pathetic 28th in yards per play (4.8).  Subtract Plaxico Burress and LaDainian Tomlinson from the mix, and they are in trouble before the 2012 campaign even begins.
To jumpstart things, the Jets hired former Miami Dolphins head coach, Tony Sparano.  And it was Sparano's teams that pioneered the Wildcat, an offense custom-built for a quarterback like Tim Tebow.  Tebow would bring back the dynamic threat that Brad Smith once represented for the Jets.  He would also take some of the rushing pressure off Shonn Green, who obviously can't shoulder the load alone.
Also, Tebow's presence might make incumbent quarterback Mark Sanchez work harder to keep his spot in the lineup.  Jets coaches and management are obviously unhappy with Sanchez, after all they pursued Peyton Manning to replace him.  So it stands to reason they'd like to see him work harder, and having a young, charismatic quarterback behind might be just the thing to motivate Sanchez.
Tebow wouldn't be an every-down quarterback at first.  But the Jets offense would look a lot better if they had a legitimate Wildcat/Option threat.  And his energy,  and his positive team-first outlook would be a breath of fresh air after last year's finger-pointing and lack of identity, which leads to reason #2...
He would improve the Jets locker-room chemistry
After the Jets missed the playoffs, the locker room simply imploded.  The defense blamed the offense, Santonio Holmes pouted, the receivers and some coaches blamed quarterback Sanchez, and Sanchez blamed everybody for going to the media.  The Jets' locker room was more toxic than a New Jersey superfund site.  What it needs is a positive presence; enter Tebow.
Tebow's all-positive-all-the-time attitude can't help but improve team chemistry.  Whatever the "it" factor is, Tebow has it in spades, and his Denver teammates rallied around him to save a lost season and make the playoffs last year.  Tebow will challenge teammates to work as hard as him, while supporting them publicly and demanding that they focus on the task at hand.
That is what leadership is, and the Jets need as much as they can get.
The Jets compete with the Giants for attention
The Super Bowl Champion Giants are the darlings of New York.  And in case you forgot, the Jets play in the same stadium as the Giants, and the teams compete for the attention and entertainment dollars in the same city.  Those facts are not lost on Jets ownership.
In the past four years (coinciding with the new stadium), the Jets suddenly started signing big-name free agents, something they'd rarely done before.  The signed more such players in the last 4 years than in the prior 15 years of free agency.  Brett Favre, Tomlinson, Antonio Cromartie, Bart Scott, Jason Taylor, Burress -- why not Tebow?
Who better to help the Jets compete with the Giants for media attention?  Tebow would bring a flood of fans to the Jets, and might help sell some tickets after a disappointing 2011 season.  Only Manning's magical mystery tour outshone the Tebow phenomenon.  But now that Manning's travels are over, Tebow will be the biggest story wherever he goes -- and an even bigger story if he lands in New York.
The Jets obviously need what Tebow brings to the team, both on and off the field.  Whether or not they will have the guts to go after him is another story.  But he would make them a better football team and a lot more relevant in every way imaginable.