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The Arena League will see some changes next season, starting with the newly formed LA KISS owned by the historic rock band KISS. 

Recently, Gene Simmons publically made a 3-year offer to Tim Tebow.  Now, I have spent majority of the offseason pleading for Tebow to join an Arena Football team on twitte.  I’m not one to claim success for Mr. Simmons’ decision (I wish!), but he wouldn’t go to the trouble of making this offer if Tebow wasn’t the right man for the job.  He has referred to Tebow as an “investment” and whenever Mr. Simmons makes an investment, it's money well spent, received, and invested.

The NFL doesn’t want Tebow as a starting quarterback, but they were interested in having him play tight end, but Tebow stubbornly held his position of being a quarterback.  After being waived by the New England Patriots, it became apparent that his days as a quarterback in the NFL were finished.  Even the Canadian Football League made a similar pitch, but Tebow again stuck to his guns that it's quarterback or bust.

The doors have closed on Tebow’s career as an NFL or CFL quarterback, but the door to becoming an Arena Football starting quarterback opend as Mr. Simmons rolled out the red carpet, and all Tebow has to do is walk on down and everything changes.

Tebow has the opportunity to join the Arena League, where one Kurt Warner left for the NFL and had a storied career, thus the same could become of Tebow.  Even if he doesn’t become the next Kurt Warner, he would certainly, with Mr. Simmons backing, become the highest paid player in Arena Football history.

The Arena League requires a quarterback have the ability to throw quick passes in often tight coverage, a couple of areas that hurt him in the NFL.  However, he can use this opportunity to better his throwing game and perhaps rejoin an NFL team one day, or be an Arena League All-Pro playing for the LA KISS.

If I could get a message across to Tim Tebow, it would be to sign the deal and leave the rest behind him.  Many would jump at the chance to meet Mr. Simmons, let alone be offered a 3-year deal to be the star quarterback on his team. 

I had a chance to talk with 3 time Arena All-Pro defender Mike “Sack Master” Lewis about Tebow joining the league; he said he would “Welcome Tim Tebow with a sack force fumble, call it the Kiss oF death.  But Tebow should consider the move for his career.  Make no mistake about it Tebow will be a rookie, so he has to gain the respect of every player in AFL.” 

When asked if Tebow should join the Arena Football League he added, “I don't see how it will hurt him.  Look at @kurt13warner, I said he should come to AFL in a June tweet.”  If Tebow signs with the LA KISS, it’s certainly going to increase league exposure, which Mike agreed “#AFL is a great league. (It) needs more exposure for sure.  Fantasy Football is a big one and TV deals.”

The more revenue the league generates the more exposure the league gathers, and having at team owned by KISS is certainly getting plenty of attention thus far, all that’s needed is one signature.  It’s a deal made in heaven, God leads us to many challenges in life, and this is no different.  So pucker up Tebow, and sign the deal with a KISS!