Tim Tebow It seems Tim Tebow is being the insistent little child and stomping his foot when it comes to the idea of playing football in Canada.

In my head I have this image of him looking at his mother or the media and with a stern voice say, “No! I don’t wanna go!”

But the harsh reality is that Canada may be the best place for an out of work quarterback who could give the Canadian Football League a boost, but could help its identity with American football fans.

Yes, I know what you are going to say - The Canadian Football League would be using Tim Tebow to market its league much in the same way Jacksonville or Tampa Bay or Miami would use the Florida hero to help ticket spikes and marketing promotions.

And yes, I know you will say I am a writer who has been opposed to this all along in the NFL, where I have told my readers and many of my friends Tebow does not belong anywhere near an NFL playing field.

In this case, the CFL using a man like Tebow, like it used Doug Flutie and his star power would be an ideal situation for both sides.

On Tuesday, Dan Hanzus of NFL.com wrote a quick piece on Tebow and his reluctance to give the CFL a try, citing the comments he made upon being released from the New England Patriots last week and his desire to still play quarterback in the NFL.

A story on NFL.com from Thursday by Gregg Rosenthal talks about how Tebow was asked by an NFL which reached out to him if he would consider a position change to play again in the league. According to the story and Peter King of The MMQB.com, Tebow declined.

“It's hard to knock Tebow for his unwillingness to change positions. He hasn't made it at quarterback, and there's little reason to think he could succeed at another spot. Tebow tipped his intentions after the Patriots released him when he wrote on Twitter: ‘I will remain in relentless pursuit of continuing my lifelong dream of being an NFL quarterback.’"

So if the player who cannot make it in the NFL throwing a football after minimal success at one point is asked to change positions so he can stay in the NFL, isn’t he shooting himself in the foot?

And if the Canadian Football League is an option where Tebow can hone his skills and get better (ala Flutie) and return to the NFL at some point, doesn’t that give you the impression the former star quarterback needs to be an adult here and realize he might not be as good as he or his followers think?

As Rosenthal said in his story, “Perhaps another team will let Tebow take a shot at pursuing that dream next offseason when rosters expand to 90 men again.It's hard to imagine him getting a job at quarterback in the meantime.”

And while the clock ticks away and the CFL calls, Tebow is sitting on the bench (at home) wasting an opportunity to prove his doubters wrong. Sorry, Tim, this time the mistake is being made by you, not the world of professional football.