As my day started I opened my browser on my computer to read that The New England Patriots, have signed Tim Tebow to a contract. My first reaction was this is good for both parties, Tim Tebow needed a place to ply his trade, and the Patriots needed another QB to come in and compete for a job.

Though the Patriots already had Ryan Mallet and Mike Kafka on their roster as back up QB's to the perennial All Pro QB Tom Brady, they needed to upgrade their back up QB position, and what better way than to sign a guy who is already immersed in the Josh McDaniel's offense!

As most ardent Patriot fans already know from several reports over time,Bill Belichick has always liked Tim's skill level, and his leadership qualities, stemming from his trips to Gainesville while Tim was leading the Florida Gators to national championships.

For everyone who thinks Tim's throwing will never allow him to be a starting QB, take notice! He's a natural leader of men, and he's been under the tutelage of one Vinny Testaverde for the last five weeks or so, what they have been working on is his footwork. He has never been a nimble pocket QB, but with all of his prior workouts constituting working on his throwing motion it appears none of the many QB coaches has concentrated on his footwork.

The importance of working with Vinny can't be measured by Vinny's lack of coaching experience, but more so with Bill Belichick's trust in Vinny's opinion as to what Tim can give as a QB in the style of offense the Patriots run, and on that subject matter Vinny is very knowledgeable.

Well there is one thing for sure this is a work in progress as far as turning Tim into a pocket passer,and with determination and hard work he will probably succeed.

I guess we will all know by the end of the exhibition season how this experiment works out.  Thank goodness for the 90 man roster as moves like this were why they expanded the rosters in the first place.