Tebow When it comes to Tim Tebow the human being, there are few, if any, complaints. He is a man who is true to his faith and brings out the best in others.

As a man, any mother or father would be proud to have a son like Tim Tebow.

However being a great person has little to do with the skills needed to succeed in the National Football League. As a quarterback in the NFL, Tebow has a career completion percentage of 47. 

His legacy as an NFL quarterback is nothing more than wimpy throws and inaccurate messes. The only thing that made Tim Tebow dynamic as a quarterback was his ability to run the football.

Yet without an accurate arm, this means nothing as a quarterback. If Tebow hopes to stay in the NFL, he'll need to switch positions. 

The only possible team that I could see Tebow being a starting quarterback with would be thew Jaguars. Being beloved in Florida for his QB work in college and the fact that the team is lacking a capable leader at the position, the Jaguars would make a perfect fit. Yet, Jaguars GM David Caldwell has already come out and said that the team has "no interest" in signing Tebow. 

There are two ways I see Tim Tebow being on an NFL team next season. He will either be signed as a third-string quarterback for a team with no strong QB candidate -- like Kansas City, Oakland, and even Dallas due to Jerry Jones' unpredictability come to mind. 

However the much more likely scenario will be Tebow switching positions. Tebow could be used well as a fullback option, if he ever learned how to block. His occasional bursts of speed and elusiveness would give opposing defenses fits. But for Tebow to succeed in the NFL, he needs to come to terms that he is not a quarterback. 

The sad truth is that even if Tebow works hard and fixes his accuracy, he has become branded as “damaged goods”.  Tebow the man isn't damaged in any way, but the circumstances overtake the result.  To 99 percent of all NFL teams, the media coverage that Tebow got in New York with the Jets is something they don't want for themselves. 

He is too much a weight due to his media coverage for any team to bear. Though most New York Jets players will not publicly admit this, having Tebow in the locker room became a burden. In reality, no NFL team believes that Tim Tebow can give enough as a player to balance out the media and the jealously in the locker room over the coverage. 

Personally as of right now, I don't see Tim Tebow having a job in the NFL next season. If the Jets do release him (as is expected) then fans can expect to watch Tim Tebow in CFL (Canadian Football League) next season. 

As great a person as Tebow is, he is not worth the headaches that his presence would lead to.