There are a lot of hyped players in the National Football League and Tim Tebow remains one of them despite being released by the Jets on Monday. Despite having a low passing percentage and lower than average overall stats, Tebow's comeback wins in the later half of the 2011 season gave him some cover as a player that can't be underestimated. Tebow's back-story as a devout Christian got him additional backers as well as followers. But the reality was that for all of his comeback wins and rights to pray to God in any way he wants, the fact of the matter is that if Tebow had to be taken seriously as a consistent quarterback he had to prove himself.

The problem for Tebow is that there was always doubts about him despite his Heisman trophy and leading Florida to a national championship. Most of the league's best teams were already set with their starting QBs and with RG3, Andrew Luck, and Russell Wilson making a name for themselves as the next best QBs in a generation, the pressure was on Tebow to keep much of the spotlight on him. It's clear that the Tebow-Sanchez experiment didn't go so well with the Jets and that there was plenty of blame on why both quarterbacks didn't work so well last season. However, since things didn't go so well, we ask ourselves why Tebow joined the Jets in the first place.

Tebow was billed by the Jets as the secret weapon in the wildcat offense. But while he was in hundreds of plays in practice, he only was in 71 plays during the season. The backup quarterback in the NFL that wound up stealing the show was Colin Kaepernick as the 49ers used him to near perfection though most of the season even when he got the starting job in San Francisco. 

Could Tebow have done the same in New York for gang green? Well there are many factors why it didn't work for him. Jets fans can debate the front office which has replaced their general manager. They can blame Mark Sanchez who might be traded after the franchise drafted Geno Smith. But one thing is for sure. Tebow has set himself back as a quarterback in the league. by taking a chance in New York as a backup and not producing well as he was hyped to do, Tebow let a year go by while other QBs in the league were solidifying their status on their teams. And getting on another team will be very difficult for Tebow given the fact that he used an entire year to be in a backup position and not taking a chance to be at least a backup to grow as a quarterback in perhaps Jacksonville. That ship has now sailed.

It's too early to say that Tim Tebow is done in the league. But his future is more uncertain than it was when he joined the Jets. The hill is now much higher and the odds are so high. He'll need more than his running speed to get his credibility back.