Tim TebowLet the Tim Tebow rumors ramp up again.

After learning that starting quarterback Sam Bradford was lost for the season in the game against Carolina, Sports Illustrated.com is reporting that there may be some interest in the former Broncos/Jets/Patriots player.

“The St. Louis Rams “have discussed signing Tim Tebow,” Mike Silver of the NFL Network reported. That news comes on the heels of starting St. Louis QB Sam Bradford suffering a serious knee injury.

But before everyone goes nuts on the Tebow-as-St. Louis savior storyline, Silver himself tempered the rumor: “I believe it’s unlikely they’ll actually sign him,” he later tweeted.”

Personally, I am just glad it is not Jacksonville named as a team of interest. For months, whenever there is a mention of the former Florida Gators quarterback, he is linked to the Jaguars even after team officials refute the possibility of Tebow standing behind center in teal and black.

The story states Tebow’s signing would be a “longshot”. The team has Kellen Clemens on the roster, who came in for Bradford when he was injured on Sunday. The backup completed 2 of 4 passes for 19 yards. There is no other quarterback on the roster or on the practice squad to back up Clemens.

The Rams play Seattle on Sunday and will not face a bye week for another month.

A report from sportingnews.com revealed that Bradford has a torn ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) and would be out of action the remained of the season. The injury occurred when “Bradford was shoved by Mike Mitchell while going out of bounds and had to be helped to his feet before he was carted off into the locker room.”

In 2010, after he was chosen with the first overall selection in the NFL Draft, Bradford signed a six-year, $78 million deal, which has $50 million of guarantees and has a maximum value of $86 million making it the largest contract ever for an NFL rookie at the time.

In 2011, after setting rookie records the year before, Bradford showed signs of regression and suffered an ankle injury that forced him to miss the final 10 games of the season.