Tim TebowTim Tebow is a backup quarterback for the New York Jets. In this role he is miscast as badly as he could possibly be.

He does not have the skill of a four-down NFL quarterback. 

If you think about it this situation is as silly as Christopher Walken as Rocky Balboa.

Christopher Walken won an academy award two years after Rocky came out when he starred in The Deer Hunter.

My point is Walken was great in the correct role.

The team that figures this out will do a great service to the player and people who love the game.

Tim Tebow should be the NFL's first full-time utility player. Kordell Stewart gave us a taste of the role in 1995. Tebow would take it to a new level.

He should be in nearly every offensive play. Floating from quarterback to running back to tight end. His combination of size, strength, speed and intensity would create nightmares for opposing defenses. If he never leaves the field it will be very hard to defend. Perhaps they could add to the equation and run the offense in a no-huddle set.

I would even line him up as a returner on kickoffs. Who would want to deal with that?

Ultimately, Tebow sees himself as a team player. He would embrace the opportunity if asked. Most of the polarized opinions of him would be forced away. He could thrive as a utility guy to the point that he could be the leagues most valuable player.

Nearly everyone wins with that kind of cover boy leading the league.

This transition would open the door for future NFL hopefuls like Denard Robinson. The best athletes in the college game need to have a chance at the next level.

Five years from now the NFL could be a completely different product. That should be what it is all about. Finding the next great edge.

Someone please step up and make this happen. I can see a time when Tebow stands on the podium at seasons end, puts his hand on the Lombardi Trophy and says, "Yo Adrian we did it."