Tom Brady Finally after enduring a season with head coach Rex Ryan and the New York Jets, quarterback Tim Tebow has found a new home with the New England Patriots.

Tebow signed a two-year deal Tuesday to compete with Ryan Mallett as the head clipboard holder behind Tom Brady on the Patriots' depth chart with no guaranteed money.

At this point it does not matter where on the depth chart Tebow finds himself, he seems extremely thankful to be backing up Brady after spending a season backing up Mark “Butt Fumble” Sanchez.

To go along with being thankful to have a teacher like Brady to learn from on the field, Tebow will also be able to learn how to shed the media criticism in a better way since Brady has seen, and heard it all throughout his career.

Also with the excellent teachers that Tebow now has with Belichick and Brady, he also has offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels back in his corner. McDaniels just happens to be the coach that has had the most faith in Tebow after drafting him to the Denver Broncos in the first round.

All Tebow needs to prove that he is still a winner is somebody to believe in him, and give him a chance. So what if the young man does not have a perfect throwing motion. All Tebow has done in his career is win, and the last I checked wins are all that matters in the end.

It seems like if a player is not a quality starter in fantasy football, then they have something wrong with them in real life. That is not true all the time. So what if Tebow is not a weekly stat machine. Since he has been in the league, Tebow has a winning record including as many playoff wins as Dallas Cowboys All-Fantasy quarterback Tony Romo.

Not only has Tebow been a successful NFL quarterback; he has two National Championships, and Heisman Trophy on his resume. If Tebow is such a bad quarterback how did he win the Heisman; an award that goes to the best overall player from that season.