Tim Tebow: 5 Reasons To Sign The Former NFL Sensation

By John H.
May 04, 2013 9:51 am
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Tim TebowTop 5 Reasons to sign Tim Tebow to your NFL Team: 

5. The running quarterback just became a whole lot more popular with RG3 and Cam Newton. The Redskins led the NFL in rushing last year with their pistol offense.

It was so impressive that the 49ers adopted it midway through the season with Colin Kaepernick.

So if this is the hot new trend in the NFL, why not pick up a cheap, durable, "high-motor" guy like Tim Tebow as a backup? 

4. The Jets have milked the nostalgia from the Tebow Craze. Not only that, even ESPN is sick of talking about Tebow.

The Jets signed Tebow and got the raw end of everything Tebow brings to a team. You don't want the media hype (they got it), you don't want quarterback controversies (they had them), and you want to at least get production out of Tebow after all the headaches associated with Tebow-Mania (they got no production).

If anything, they set up a perfect situation for a "pistol" or "wildcat" type offensive team to swoop in and get a reliable backup quarterback for an offensive system that tends to rough up its starters.

3. People talk about locker room guys but Tebow really can be a good influence on, not only a young starting quarterback, but other guys looking to stay out of trouble. Tebow has a proven track record of setting a good example off the field that somehow produces a team building environment. 

2. Small market teams might just need a spark. Even if Tebow is your back up quarterback, why not sell a few more jerseys in Jacksonville or Cleveland? What do you have to lose?

1. The guy does win. Regardless of what happened in New York, he has decent stats in the categories that matter most-wins, touchdowns, and interceptions.

Tebow as a starter is 10-8 and has thrown 17 touchdowns, rushed for 13 touchdowns while giving up 9 interceptions in three years. In summary, that's 30 touchdowns in only 18 starts with a 90.0 quarterback rating in the playoffs. What am I missing here?



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By John H.
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2 years ago
Double-check your stats, I believe Tim only stated 16 NFL games total.
2 years ago
He had 16 regular season starts plus his two playoff starts so that's why I said 18.
2 years ago
John - Good analysis. He is a good kid. I really hope he gets picked up by a team that will use his assets. It is sickening how the Jets exploited him. But, what can you expect from a loser like Ryan? He'll be gone after this season, hopefully. He should have been fired long ago.
2 years ago
A great factual article. I hope somebody will pick Tebow and let him deliver a superbowl
2 years ago
Jon, Charlotte, it looks like the Patriots were thinking the same thing!

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