Three Ways Steven Jackson Can Win a Super Bowl in 2013

By Dilan Ames
December 03, 2012 11:31 pm
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We all love to see a guy as hardworking and talented as Steven Jackson reach the pinnacle of NFL success. Even if they don't play for our favorite team, we can still empathize with the guys who have all the stats, the Pro Bowls, but none of the rings. Guys like Dan Marino, or Barry Sanders. Consider this: if the Lions made it to the Super Bowl, even if they didn't win it, do you think Sanders would've retired as early as he did? I certainly don't think so.

Steven Jackson is one of those guys. He's a consistently great player that deserves to wear a ring, and I hope he gets one soon. Here are three ways he can win a Super Bowl in 2013.

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By Dilan Ames
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2 years ago
It will be fun to see where he lands!
2 years ago
Hm, don't know about Falcons/Broncos, but I agree that the Packers would be a nice spot for Stevie.
2 years ago
I would love to see Jackson with the Broncos!! Man if they got him, damn that'd be awesome.
2 years ago

Agreed. I still don't know about the likelihood of all that, but it is definitely a possibility.
2 years ago

I think he will end up either with st louis or the packers but him and Manning would be great
2 years ago

I'm rooting for the Pack!

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