WilsonIts the matchup football fans have been hoping for in the NFC Championship Game.

The clash of NFC West rivals, the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers. A face-off between new school quarterbacks, old school running backs and two fearsome defensive units.

But as close as it looks on paper, I think this game will be a lot more one sided than everyone is expecting, as the Seahawks and the 12th Man will make life hard for the visiting 49ers in the cold and wind of Seattle.

Here are three reasons why the Seahawks will crush the 49ers.

No. 1: The Legion Of Boom!

Apart from having the best nickname in the league, the Seahawks' secondary is the best performing in the league. Just look at last week's game against the New Orleans Saints, they held Drew Brees and the rest of the Saints' offense without a touchdown for three quarters, and Jimmy Graham was a complete non-factor, limited to just one catch for eight yards.

Even without Brandon Browner the Seahawks' defense is stacked with talent, Richard Sherman is a strong candidate for defensive player of the year with a league leading eight interceptions and a claim to being the best cornerback in the league (I still give the edge to Patrick Peterson in that category). Safeties Cam Chancellor and Earl Thomas combined for 25 tackles in the Saints game and it looked like they were everywhere on the field, tackling running backs, wide receivers and making sure Jimmy Graham was marked out of the game.

No. 2: Wilson > Kaepernick

Say what you want about Colin Kaepernick's athleticism, given the choice of player I had to build my franchise around I would choose Russell Wilson over most players in the league with the exceptions of Aaron Rodgers and maybe Luke Kuechly. Wilson has been fantastic in his first two seasons as a pro, you just need to look at the Seahawks' record to see that. He has only lost once at home in all that time.

Comparing his stats to Kaepernick's you see the difference, their passing percentage this season are 63.1 and 58.4 and Wilson had five more touchdowns (26) than Kaepernick while only throwing one more pick. The real surprise comes to the rushing yards where Wilson has more (539 to 524) than Kaepernick, the 49ers' quarterback has just converted four touchdowns on the ground compared to Wilson's single rushing touchdown.


Marshawn Lynch. I could just end my point right there but I'll continue regardless. He bulldozed the Saints last week for 140 yards and two touchdowns, but then again what happened a few years ago when the Saints and Seahawks met in the playoffs? Beastquake, thats what.

Lynch has been doing it all year too, racking up 12 touchdowns and 1257 rushing yards and has kept his reputation as being an absolute monster who won't be tackled by one person, it usually takes two linebackers or roughly 17 of me to drag him down. 

The 49ers do have Frank Gore, in my opinion fourth best back in the league behind Adrian Peterson, LeSean McCoy and Lynch. I just don't see Gore getting much success against this unit, he did manage 110 yards last time the two sides played, but the game before that Seattle limited him to just 16, so it could go either way honestly.

There we go, a convincing win for the Seahawks, although now I've said it they are doomed to lose knowing my luck.

Let me know in the comments if you agree/disagree or if I've missed something that could sway my opinion.