Matt Moore In sports and the NFL in particular, we are often quick to judge a player based on a poor season or even a poor game.

Fans and writers alike become impatient with players who are supposed to perform well, but don’t.

The pressure to succeed at a professional level is extremely high and people sometimes overlook the obstacles a player has to overcome.

As we head into the offseason, there are several teams in need of a quarterback. The upcoming draft class is weak at the position and the free agent market isn’t exactly stacked, either.

There are three signal-callers that I am going to look at in this article. Two who have been unjustly written off and one who may have a chance to start because of the poor quarterback market.

Let’s get to it. Here are three quarterbacks to look out for in 2013.

Matt Moore

Not many people are fans of Matt Moore, but I am one of them. The current Miami Dolphins backup has started 25 games in his career, putting up respectable numbers in the process.

He started 12 games with Miami last year after Chad Henne went down, leading them to a 6-6 record. Four of those defeats came by three points or less and all six losses were to teams with a .500 record or better.

Moore has not really been given a fair shot in the NFL. He had a couple of solid starts with Carolina in 2009 but left town the following year since they were expected to take Cam Newton.

Then after a solid year in South Beach, they drafted Ryan Tannehill as their man. Both of these men are better than anyone in this draft class, so Moore could become an option for a couple of teams.

Due to the fact that he has been replaced twice, many people consider him a career backup at best. Those who have seen him play, however, know that he still has starting potential. Put him on a decent offense and watch him become one of the league’s biggest surprises in 2013. 

Tim Tebow

Call me crazy, but I still think Tim Tebow has a career in the NFL. We could sit around and rip on his accuracy and arm strength, but there are a couple of teams that could look past that.

Some of the last tape of him at quarterback is from the game against Pittsburgh in last year’s playoffs. The 2013 quarterback class is weak and there are going to be a couple of teams that do not want to take the gamble.

In addition to the Draft, there are very few options in free agency as well. That is unless the Ravens let Joe Flacco walk.

I am not necessarily saying Tebow is a good option. All that is being said is that he could have another season to prove himself with the limited options that teams have.

Kevin Kolb

The number of people who are writing off Kevin Kolb continues to increase. Two seasons have been played since the big trade was made and the Cardinals are still hovering around the bottom of the league.

Has he been as great as people would have liked him to be? No. Is his contract ridiculous? Yes, but with Bruce Arians replacing Ken Whisenhunt, he now has an opportunity to be successful.

Arizona has a lot of talent on offense. Their front five is not as bad as the numbers say they are, they have three solid receivers and an up and coming tight end. The biggest thing holding them back last season was Coach Whisenhunt and offensive coordinator Mike Miller.

Their playcalling and game planning were awful. It seemed like they were abandoning everything that worked and kept calling the plays that didn’t. Both men have now been fired and replaced by a great offensive mind in Coach Arians.

When Kevin Kolb went down to injury in Week 6, he had the Cardinals at 4-1 and was leading them down the field on a comeback drive against Buffalo. They were still first in the division at the time and Larry Fitzgerald was on pace for over 1,000 receiving yards.

Going into 2013 Arizona will have new coaches, an improved offensive line and a team that is 100 percent healthy. If he restructures his contract, I would definitely welcome Kolb back for another year.

The Cardinals have proven they can win with him as their quarterback. If he stays healthy, then Kevin Kolb is someone to look out for next season.