Andrew Luck There are many ways to look at the upcoming schedule for 2013. You can crunch numbers, apply formulas, metrics and any and all witchcraft to figure out who got hosed and who has and easy ride.

At the end of the day, it always seems to be based on a guess.

The Steelers had the most difficult road to victory the last time they won a Super Bowl and they are not the only ones to hurdle this insurmountable obstacle-strength of schedule.

Saying that, here are three teams who are already talented, made the playoffs last year, didn't need any help, and got it anyway.

No. 3 Indianapolis Colts: After last year's strong showing there would have to be a smackdown thrown on these Colts, so blessed with talent and Luck (I couldn't help it) last year...Wrong.

They start with the Raiders at home and face three playoff teams in the next six games...leaving them 4-3 at the bye...not so good. Not so fast. The Colts then face only two playoff teams in the next nine games. That makes them 11-5 without beating one good team. Nice.

No. 2 New England Patriots: A little sketchier, but if you look at their first nine games, it is VERY possible to go 7-2 in that stretch. The worst they are looking at post-bye is 4-3, which puts them at the top of their division. Again. The Dolphins will be better, but not that much -- so,another easy stroll to the playoffs.

No. 1 Denver Broncos: I just finished an article that explained why their schedule wasn't really as easy as it seemed. That's just crazy talk, Rainbow Dash. You and the other Bronies better crush some tinfoil on your antenna because you are getting some funny signals.

Raiders twice, Chiefs twice, Chargers twice, then Jacksonville, the Eagles,Titans,Cowboys and my Giants. Those are 11 games that they should win without too much trouble. I hope I am wrong because my hated for the Ponies shines with the intensity of a thousand suns, but I don't think so.

They win 13 en route to a first round bye and home-field throughout the playoffs. I feel like throwing up. But you can bet your ass I'm drafting Peyton in fantasy.