America has spoken. We want our glib, irreverent chiding in short phrases superimposed over images that lack context...just like our forefathers would've wanted. Today, internet memes are everywhere, but remain strangely absent from the football world. That all ends now.

See what no football has done to me?

                                                          Saints linemen, Bobby McCray later stole Kurt Warner's daughter's
                                                             ice cream cone, then collected 500 bucks from Gregg Williams.

                                                                                   Tiquan Underwood, I know you're reading this.

                                                                             Because convincing wins are too mainstream.

                                                                                                       Seriously though . . .

                                                                                     Chargers GM, A.J. Smith likes this.

                                                                            Doesn't take effect for another twenty minutes.

                                                                                         Did he have to fall comically too?

                                                                                                 Season Two! April 1st!

                                                                      Coincidentally, Josh McDaniels almost drafted this truck
                                                                      with the 12th Overall Pick in the 2009 Draft

                                                                               "And for God sakes, overpay him, will ya?"

If you had half as much fun reading these as I had making them, you had way too much fun. Stay tuned for more snide, spiteful commentary on the lives of millionaires, and don't you dare take that tongue off that cheek!