This Week in NFL Memes: Meme Harder

By Jonathan Porter
March 23, 2012 9:51 am
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At first, I thought the inaugural NFL meme article flopped. With only forty views in four days, I thought I published the John Carter of my Football Nation portfolio. Then something strange happened. A beautiful calvalry of cynical, sarcastic football fans came over the hill sporting a banner of rich schadenfreude. 

It moved me. I decided it's time to give you more of what you really want. It's time to meme harder in this week's installment of "This Week in NFL Memes".

Some of you are still trying to figure out
if this is for real?
It's a sodomy joke, Tim.
Can't it be both?

Jay Cutler is being generous
rating him an 11

This one goes out to my homies
at Pro Football Talk.
"When Gotham is ashes, you have
my permission to retire."
By Week 8, this guy is Tebowing.
Mark it down.
        There's a thin line between genius and madness.
               By the way, why is this guy not running againt Obama?
Jon Vilma is going to kill me.
              That explains the pup tent on every 49er sideline.
           San Francisco golden boys indeed.

I'll keep doing them if you guys keep encouraging me. I'm very much like a six-year-old in that regard. Until next time.

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By Jonathan Porter
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3 years ago
Jon Vilma, U Mad, bro?
3 years ago
These are hilariously awesome. Great job Jon
3 years ago
Hilarious, I encourage you to do more.
3 years ago
Jonathan! Jonathan! Jonathan!
Good Job, I'm waiting for more....
Jonathan! Jonathan! Jonathan!
3 years ago
Ever since I posted this, Tim Tebow won't leave me alone about the birds and the bees. Someone should have taught him something during his Philippines mission.
3 years ago

Quite frankly I never understood the Birds and Bees metaphor. What the HECK is a Bird trying to get down with a Bee for?
3 years ago
In case you missed the first round of memes. Hit the jump here for the prequel article:

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