Veterans Stadium As an Eagles fan, I miss Veterans Stadium.

I don't miss the deadly playing surface, don't get me wrong. I just miss the name.

When you think "Veterans", you think of the men and women who, for over 200 years, served America and gave blood, sweat, tears, and even their lives, for a greater good.

It even applies to sports; the hard-working journeymen who dream of championship glory, and gut it out as injuries ravage their bodies.

A name like "Veterans" conjures up images to the poetic mind. Unlike, say, "Lincoln Financial Field", the Eagles' home since 2003.

While "The Linc" is a beautiful modernized stadium physically, it's beset with the name of a 45-year-old holding company whose most thrilling victory was winning a patent lawsuit in 2009.

Somehow, I don't have wistful memories of John Madden diagramming that verdict while the crowd roars in jubilation.

But we Eagles fans are stuck with Lincoln Financial through the early 2020s, thanks to a 21-year naming agreement. And unless some kind-hearted tycoon buys the rights and renames it "Veterans Stadium" in 2024, we're stuck with The Linc, or some other name completely devoid of life, heritage, and humanity.

Eagles fans are far from the only ones in this predicament. Not every fan is lucky enough to have his team play for a place steeped in football history (Lambeau Field, Paul Brown Stadium), or even a stadium whose corporate name reflects the city's heritage to some degree (Heinz Field, Ford Field).

Here's a list of the worst stadium names currently in use in the NFL.