If you're a Bears' fan, take a look outside and you might see the devil in a Bubble coat with a skull cap on shaking in the snow.  

Coming into Sunday, the Chicago Bears needed to win out the season just to have a chance to get in the playoffs. They accomplished the first part by dominating the Arizona Cardinals, 28-13. They had a few scenarios that could help them get into the playoffs. One scenario was Seattle Seahawks losing their last two games of the season...they embarrassed San Francisco 49ers 42-13.  So the other was having Minnesota Vikings lose at least one of their last two and the New York Giants losing one as well.

The Giants continued to get walloped losing 33-14 to the Baltimore Ravens. So that leaves us with the Vikings who went to Houston and shocked the NFL by beating the Houston Texans 23-6. This sets up one of the most sickening feelings for the Chicago Bears and anybody who is affiliated with them. The Bears need to depend on the one and only Green Bay Packers to beat The Vikings the last game of the season to make the playoffs. 

This is equivalent to Batman asking the Joker to help him out of a burning house.

A few of the Bears players were asked if they would root for the Packers. Tim Jennings responds " I wouldn't go that far." Lovie is taking it with a different approach sarcastically saying " I've always been a Packers Fan."

The most important key to the Bears getting in is to go into Detroit and defeat their division foe the Lions. The Lions enter into the match-up with a seven game losing streak. Nothing would satisfy them more than to stand in the way of their rival to prevent them from playing in the post season.

The good news for the Bears is the Packers need this game more than expected. They are playing for the 2nd seed in the NFC and a first round bye.  They are in the #2 spot but need to win in order to maintain the the 2nd seed. 

One Bears fan was quoted saying  "I'm not rooting for the Packers, I'm just rooting against the Vikings." To add insult to injury, the Bears play at 1:00 pm eastern, the Packers-Vikings game is at 4:00 pm eastern. That means they have to sit and actually watch their most hated rival, hoping they win.

Try mixing hot sauce,  soy sauce, vinegar, prune juice, egg yoke, sardines with some baking soda and eat it. 

That is the taste that the Bears Nation have in their mouthes right now.