Monday turned out to be a busy day around the NFL with the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks making huge trades that landed two prime-time receivers in the NFC West. The Seahawks made a trade that will hopefully make Percy Harvin happy; while the 49ers trumped that by making a deal with the Baltimore Ravens for veteran Anquan Boldin.

The New York Jets also made news Monday by signing veteran quarterback David Garrard to compete with Mark Sanchez for the starting job. It is unclear why the Jets have signed Garrard since they have Greg McElroy, Tim Tebow, and Matt Simms in camp. Surely Jets management does not actually think they made an upgrade by signing Garrard; the 35 year old veteran has not taken an NFL snap in two seasons after being knocked out of the league with injuries.

Over his nine seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars; Garrard played in 86 regular season games. He completed 61.6 percent of his passes for 16,003 yards, 89 touchdowns, and 54 interceptions. Garrard was also a force on the ground running the ball until his knees went bad on him. He has ran for and additional 17 touchdowns; but has 44 fumbles to his credit.

Garrard would have been a nice addition about five seasons ago; now it is clear that the Jets have no intentions of ever letting Tim Tebow start and need to trade him to a team that can use him.

While both powerhouse NFC West teams were doing what they have to to better their playoff runs from a year and the Jets were just making news; other teams were making cuts for various reasons.

With the free agency period set to start in a matter of hours; here are the players that teams cut to make room for future players to be signed.