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I'm a fan of Tim Tebow. That's right--I said it--I'm a fan of Tim Tebow, but I'm starting to believe that I'm a fan of the man, and not so much the football player.

As a former player who sees the value in motivation and intangibles, Tebow brings a winning attitude and charisma to the game that is wonderful to see. I can tell you that it is a pleasure to play with a guy like him. A large amount of fans see the six game winning streak in Denver and the playoff win and feel that Tebow wasn't given a fair shake.

A media circus has followed Tebow wherever his football career has landed, the University of Florida, the Denver Broncos, New York Jets, and New England Patriots. Tebow brought fans back to the game who  wanted to see the all-American boy make good.

Tebow plays the game clean, and with respect and dignity, he is an inspiration to his teammates and to many outside of the game. He works hard and keeps his nose clean.

The trouble with Tebow is he isn't a prototypical NFL quarterback. I know this has been the knock on him since he entered the league; as a Broncos fan, I believed the hype--I will be the first to admit it.

Tebow backed up Kyle Orton in Denver before getting the chance to start. He won some games until the Broncos acquired Peyton Manning, rendering Tebow's offensive style obsolete.

Tebow couldn't unseat Mark Sanchez in New York, and was kept on as a 3rd string QB, the same thing happened in New England this summer. Tebow played well, and was praised by franchise QB Tom Brady and owner Robert Kraft.

In the modern day NFL, intangibles only get you so far; heart and desire can only carry a team to a certain height. To be good and separate themselves from the pack, teams have to have a top flight QB who can make quick reads and throw the ball 40 yards down the field into double coverage while evading pressure.

Tebow has proven that despite his tenure in the league, he continues to struggle with this. In four preseason games in 2013, Tebow was 11-30 for 145 yds. He threw two TDs and two INTs.

I was of the camp that Tebow wasn't getting a fair shake, but if Bill Belecheck can't find a place for him, then no one else can. Belecheck resurrects careers; look at Randy Moss and Chad Johnson.

Tebow's skills and charisma translated well to the college game, but have been a hinderance to his development in the modern NFL. Had he played in the defensive era, it is possible that offenses could be tooled to his strength and that his charisma would have won his team games.

Parity in the NFL is at an all time high, espcially with injuries, and as much as I like Tebow as a person and his style of play--he is a throwback type player. He would be great if he had a quick release and could put the ball on a dime 40 yards downfield, but he can't.

If pro football was about good guys and role models, then Tim Tebow would be an All-Pro. I think that most sophisticated fans can understand that the game is all about money. Most teams can't afford to keep a third string QB on the roster for publicity reasons.

As much as it kills me, I think this was Tebow's last shot. He will ride off into the NFL sunset. Time will tell if he gets another shot, a la Doug Flutie, or if he just fades into the football shadows and emerges as an icon on the media side.