25 seconds left. All you see is your pal, sitting next to you, that look of superiority on his fat face. You stare at the flat screen, blocking out his chicken wing bloated visage, willing the miracle to happen.

There is not enough time left, you talked too much crap and cursed your own team... doomed.

Your quarterback is in trouble. Flushed from the pocket, he sprints right and futilely searches for a receiver... he rears back and hurls the pigskin to the lights, it's arc descending in the promised land, the end zone where gladiators battle for supremacy in that last second fight to be the warrior that stands with his prize aloft... victorious at last, amidst all the chaos and carnage.

Maybe that's just the way I see it. Maybe I played too much Skyrim yesterday. At any case, no matter what team you root for, there is nothing better than a last second victory... David Tyree's helmet catch, the Hail Mary, The Immaculate Reception, the Drive... all these moments live on in history and we all have our favorites. The way I see it, there is nothing better in this world than doing the bull dance around the poker table when you win and nothing worse than when you come up short.

This year was no exception in that arena, the NFL was heaven on earth or an eternity alone with Carrot Top, all depending on the week, and who you were watching. These are the ones that stood out for me as the life takers and the heart breakers.

I give you, in no particular order, the NFL's top ten fantastic finishes of 2012.