Ever wonder if who you root for is really the person they claime to be?

Perhaps your favorite player, or coach steps to the podium each week with a wide smile that puts you at ease with who they are, and what they're about, but not everyone is who they make themselves out to be.

Each year the NFL builds hype around players and stories that will excite us fans to lean closer towards the edges of our seats in hopes that the next episode of the soap opera that is the NFL will unfold right before our very eyes. The dramatics of the NFL is one of the most insanley beautiful things that make it such an exciting sport to follow.

You have your heroes and your villians, and you have your frauds. The NFL is full of fraudulent players, coaches, and executives. Whether it' Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning in the playoffs, Tim Tebow's desire to play quarterback in the NFL, Matt Ryan being considered 'elite', there is no name too big to be hidden from this list.

Is your franchise quarterback as reliable as he's being marketed to be? Is your Head Coach really the leader who's going to bring home the Lombardi Trophy do your favorite team? Sometimes our emotions can fool us into thinking that we've got it made because our favorite NFL franchises are succeeding annually, but there's a culprit everywhere you turn in the NFL. Football Nation exposes the NFL's top ten biggest frauds in this article. Click below to continue reading.