Tom Powers of the St. Paul Pioneer Press touched off a wildfire when he suggested Adrian Peterson should be traded.

“I don’t think it would be a very smart move to say the least,” said teammate, All-Pro defensive end Jared Allen. “I’m glad I’m not the GM making decisions, but I think if Adrian wasn’t a Viking, I think maybe this state might revolt.”

Allen’s suspicions are supported by a poll attached to the story in which 54% don’t think he should be traded, 42% do and 4% are just “Minnesota nice.”

But Powers is on the right track. He reminds us in his article about the infamous Herschel Walker trade that saw Minnesota send a combination of 18 players and draft picks to Dallas in 1989 for the best back in the league.

Dallas went on to win Super Bowls while Minnesota floated on in mediocrity.

Although every GM worth his salt is no doubt aware of this cautionary tale, that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t push all their chips in thinking this time would be different.

Rick Spielman would be vilified in Minnesota, but what good is an eight-figure running back in quarterback-driven league—especially when you’re starting your third QB in week 7?

Peterson, 28, is inching ever closer to the dreaded 30-year-old-mark where the production of successful NFL running backs traditionally drops significantly. Why bring him along on an already expensive rebuilding process that Peterson may not be able to anchor two or three seasons down the road?

The Vikings have the opportunity to flip the script; if they’re actually shopping Peterson the following teams will be at the front of the line…