The Top 5 Landing Spots For Chris Johnson In 2013

By David Guidera
December 20, 2012 10:17 am
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By now you have probably heard that Tennessee’s owner and GM—Bud Adams and Ruston Webster—will be awfully busy in early February, and it won’t be deciding which Super Bowl shindigs to attend in New Orleans.

They will have five days after the Super Bowl to decide whether or not to pick up the $9 million guaranteed they will owe All-Pro running back Chris Johnson for remaining on the roster.

That’s very similar to the dilemma thousands of employers face in America when millions of their employees suddenly catch the dreaded Super Bowl Flu. The populations of Georgia, Houston, Wisconsin, New England, Northern California and the Rocky Mountain region will be particularly vulnerable this Super Bowl Flu season.

Although Johnson has not recaptured the glory of the 2,000-yard rushing performance in 2009 that earned him the CJ2K moniker, teams will line up around the block if Tennessee kicks him to the curb.

Which have the most to offer?


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By David Guidera
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2 years ago
The only way the Patriots make a play for him is to dump Ridley and Vereen, both of whom they spent 2nd round picks on and who represent pretty solid numbers. Probably not a chance BB is willing to take. Scary as it seems, I see him going to Green Bay if Tennessee dumps him.
2 years ago

I hear ya Doug. I've got some loose connections in Wisconsin so I'll ask them to keep their eyes open for a giant care package of cheese, kielbasa and Lienenkugel's headed for Nashville.
2 years ago
I think you are overrating the Packers offensive line, but they would definitely be better off with Johnson in the back field.
2 years ago

If they land CJ2K in free agency, then they have the draft to beef up the front line. They already know that they need to keep Rodgers upright more often.
2 years ago
Point taken Cooper and Doug. I just saw that Jeff Saturday was benched, and Mike McCarthy made sure we knew it was because of his disappointing play and not injury related. Ouch.
He'll be replaced by Evan Dietrich-Smith, aka: Ndamukong Suh's Thanksgiving Day stomping victim.

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