The NFL world is abuzz with the weekly countdown of the Top 100 players in the National Football League, a list supposedly voted on by the players. 

However, in recent weeks a number of NFL players have revealed that they never voted for such a list leading many to wonder just how many players really contributed to this alleged "players list". 

It was also revealed last week that either the Patriots Rob Gronkowski or the Saints Jimmy Graham would not crack the top 100 list despite being the most productive and explosive players at the position over the past two seasons.  Tight ends such as Dennis Pitta and Heath Miller have already cracked the list, albeit toward the bottom, and while they are both gifted players who are coming off very productive seasons in 2012, most experts have a difficult time quantifying any system of judgement in which either Miller or Pitta are judged to be superior in talent to either Gronk or Graham. 

Amid this judgement, I decided to compile a list of my own based not on production necessarily, but pure talent at their given positions and impact on the game for their respective teams.  Here are the first 10 players to make the list.  Enjoy...and let the angry emails begin.