Kevin Kolb 10)  Kevin Kolb - Arizona Cardinals

The team is a wreck mostly in part to not having a true quarterback to lead the team. Kolb has yet to show the highly-touted performances the Eagles boasted before the kid went to Arizona. 

Kolb has a noodle arm, pan dead accuracy, and less agility than his backup, who isn't worthy of miking this list, because I didn't have room for 11. 

The Cardinals are pretty much stuck in a revolving door until they can sign or draft a real QB, and flush the other two, primarily Kolb out of town.

9)  Blaine Gabbert - Jacksonville Jaguars

Why haven't the Jaguars cut this kids already? He has no intangibles that can help this team win, he has good arm strength but cant make the simplest of reads, and his accuracy is horrible. I'll get to writing about signing Tebow later on, but he's not worth another experiment -- draft a kid that can play (Nassib) in the 2nd round and ditch these duds that are killing this team offensively.

8)  Brandon Weeden - Cleveland Browns

This isn't going to sit well with the folks in my hometown, but despite the much improved linemen giving Weeden more time, he still managed to change nothing before the season started, and little else by its ending. 

Weeden had a solid arm, but his accuracy needs improving, also he needs to learn how to make better reads, and utilizing the proper look-offs to find the open man. He stares down his target, thus threw more picks than touchdowns again the season. The Browns have one more year with the Weeden experiment and it's onto someone new, not named Colt McCoy.

7)  Jake Locker - Tennessee Titans

Nothing about this kid thrills me. One game he looks like he may be the next big thing, then shoots his own foot the following week. Locker had this season to prove he's the man in Tennessee, but he is too prone to mistakes and hesitates where they need him to stand up and deliver. He just doen't seem to have the courage to make a long career at the level.

(6)  Michael Vick - Philadelphia Eagles

Props to the Eagles for being the team to give the dog brawler a second chance. Unfortunately, Vick couldn't even become a show of his former self, and that shadow took off with his confidence last season and never came back. I cant find any reason he should remain a starter, let alone an Eagle, with Andy Reid now being in Kansas City. We might just be seeing his grand exit from the NFL.Ryan Tannehill

5)  Ryan Tannehill - Miami Dolphins

Granted the offensive line needs improvement, but after watching the film last week, this kid has too many weakness to overcome in just one off-season. 

He doesn't look off receivers, tends to throw the ball as if he doesn't fully know the routes being run. 

He was lucky to find the end zone 12 times last season. Improving an offensive line is a must, but the kid simply lacks the tangibles needed to be a franchise quarterback at this level.

4)  Christian Ponder - Minnesota Vikings

Ponder's biggest knock is his inability to remain calm in the pocket. He is easily rattled then flushes the pocket and makes a bad throw as a result. He has the receiving corps to make better plays, but he forced majority of the 32 sacks by flushing the pocket while very few were coverage sacks. He needs to up his level of play to not make my list next season.

3)  Tony Romo - Dallas Cowboys

I don't want to hear it, this kid's a cancer in a Cowboys uniform. Whenever there's a big game that the Cowboys must win, you can always expect Romo to toss up the butt dumpling before the game is over, like their final game vs. the Redskins. 

Romo would be lucky to catch on as a starter with any other team, and right now the Cowboys need to think about their future. A future without Tony Romo and his erratic play leading the team.

2)  Tim Tebow - New York Jets (currently)

Here's another kid I've heard enough about, if he could play in the NFL he'd be a starter; bottom line, he was a 1st round bust. Talk of him heading to Jacksonville is only hype, the Jags are in a great position to get one of four solid quarterbacks in the 2nd round. 

Nassib, Bray, etc., would all be better selections than throwing money away on Tim Tebow. Tebow had his chance in the NFL, if he really wants to be a dominant starter, he should head to either the Canadian League, or the Arena League. The NFL is clearly not for this kid.

1)  Mark Sanchez - New York Jets

The curse of the Jets, as they now call it, is none other than Mark Sanchez. Sanchez has proved during the past two seasons that his longevity in this league was short-lived. He makes terrible reads down field, and has developed a noodle arm compared to his first two seasons. 

He can't survive in the pocket due to these bad reads, which forces him to flush the pocket and throw a pick, or throw a lame pass to avoid contact which often results in a turnover. The worst decision the Jets can make this off-season is retaining Sanchez, but his contract is bloated, so unless a team sees something in him, the Jets are stuck with two or three quarterbacks and none of them has the talent to start at this level, mainly Sanchez.