Forty five years and forty five Super Bowls have created some of the greatest performances in all of the sports world. Many on this list you may know, but a few you may not remember. Let's take a look back to find the top ten Super Bowl performances by a wide receiver:

10. Michael Irvin - Super Bowl 27 - 6 catches, 114 yards, 2 TDs
- Michael Irvin locked up the game in the 2nd quarter where he scored both of his touchdowns and put the Cowboys up 28-10. Troy Aikman took over from there and led the Cowboys to a dominant 52-17 victory over the poor Bills.

9. Lynn Swann - Super Bowl 10 - 4 catches, 161 yards, 1 TD, Super Bowl MVP
- Lynn Swann had a couple of games that could have made the list but came up biggest in Super Bowl 10. Swann had the go-ahead touchdown in the 4th quarter to put the nail in the coffin against the Cowboys.

8. George Sauer Jr. - Super Bowl 3 - 8 catches, 133 yards
- In one of the most important and historic games in NFL history, George Sauer Jr. came up huge for his "guaranteeing" quartback in Joe Namath. Without Sauer, Namath may not have been able to pull off the upset and who knows how the NFL would be shaped today.

7. Isaac Bruce - Super Bowl 34 - 6 catches, 162 yards, 1 TD
- In one of the greatest Super Bowls of all time, Isaac Bruce stepped up to have a memorable performance. Bruce had a 73-yard touchdown in the 4th quarter to go ahead of the Tennessee Titans....he wasn't a yard short on his TD.

6. Jerry Rice - Super Bowl 29 - 10 catches, 149 yards, 3 TDs
- It didn't take long, yes Jerry Rice is on the list. Jerry helped rip the monkey off Steve Young's back in Super Bowl 29. Responsible for 21 of the 49ers' ironic 49 points, Jerry Rice was not gonna let a Super Bowl ring escape the 2nd Hall of Fame QB of his career.

5. Ricky Sanders - Super Bowl 22 - 9 catches, 193 yards, 2 TDs
- After being down 10-0 after the first quarter, Doug Williams looked at Ricky Sanders and said Go Long! They hooked up twice in the 2nd quarter for touchdowns of 50 and 80 yards. The game quickly turned ugly and the Redskins put away the Broncos 42-10.

4. Jerry Rice - Super Bowl 24 - 7 catches, 148 yards, 3 TDs
- The 49ers put a record-breaking beatdown on the Denver Broncos in this game and the whole time the Broncos saw Montana to Rice, Montana to Rice, and Montana to Rice. 3 TDs for Rice in Super Bowl 24 locked up a victory early on.

3. Max McGee - Super Bowl 1 - 7 catches, 138 yards, 2 TDs
- McGee accounted for 138 of Bart Starr's 250 yards and both of his TDs. Starr won MVP of the game but McGee sure did play like one. He wasn't even one of the top 2 receivers on the Packers' roster but he shined when his number was called and outplayed everyone on the field.

2. Santonio Holmes - Super Bowl 43 - 9 catches, 131 yards, 1 TD and Super Bowl MVP
- They are still reviewing that touchdown to see how many blades of grass Santonio Holmes' cleats scraped across for the go-ahead score in the final minute of Super Bowl 43. He couldn't have done it without the perfect throw from Big Ben, but there are not even a handful or receivers in the league who could come up that big in the biggest moment.

1. Jerry Rice - Super Bowl 23 - 11 catches, 215 yards, 1 TD and Super Bowl MVP
- In a close game with the Cincinnati Bengals, Jerry Rice and Joe Montana tore apart the secondary the entire game. It is a great performance in any game for a receiver to reach 200 yards. To do it in a Super Bowl makes you one of a kind, and that's what Jerry Rice has been his entire career.

Honorable Mention : Antonio Freeman, David Tyree, Hines Ward, Jordy Nelson, Deion Branch, John Stallworth

There have been so many wide receivers to come up big on the biggest stage in sports. It's too bad it is not a top 20 list because many more deserve to be on it. But this makes it more exclusive and there is no question these 10 played their way on this list. After next week a new face could make his way onto this list, maybe a young star or a wiley ol' veteran.

-Ernie Simmons