The Top 10 Stories Of The NFL 2012 Season

By Michael Quinn
December 31, 2012 12:31 am
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Well, it's over.

The 2012 regular season, that is.

While a lot of teams are packing it in for the year, division leaders and wild card contenders are getting ready for January; A month when only the best are able to compete. 

The Playoffs will certainly be something to see this year, but the regular season wont be something to forget. 

We've seen a lot of things since August. It seems every with every week comes a new, unbelievable story.

From triumphs to tragedies, this season has been anything but boring.

Let's take a look at the top ten stories from the 2012 regular season.

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2 years ago
Great list. I couldn't tell you where it ranks, but the replacement referee fiasco has to be mentioned.
2 years ago

How could I forget!!!!
2 years ago

I can't blame you for repressing that memory!
2 years ago
Michael-where is an article on Drew Brees' accomplishments? As a Marino fan, I am into big numbers and impressive stats, and Brees had them this year. As most Marino fans, I too had to overlook team success and wow at individual success more and Brees is more than matching Marino now.

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