Through 12 weeks of the college football season it has become pretty clear which seniors are elite NFL prospects. While there are still some uncertainties that will need to be solidified with bowl play and pre-draft workouts, the bulk of their resumes are complete.

These players were compiled based on not only their impact on the college level, but an equal amount of weight was placed on their NFL potential. There are some big-name and some lesser known players who made the cut, ranging from the all-important quarterback position to the undervalued safety position.

The criteria for each selection is based off of the value of the respective player's position on the next level with respect to how important the passing game is in today's game. While the quarterback position is obviously the most valuable position in football period, tight ends and those who typically guard them (safeties) are two of the most sought after positions come draft time.

Those who catch the ball (receivers) and protect those who throw the ball (offensive linemen) also bring tremendous value as evident by last year's draft class; the No. 1, No. 2, and No. 4 overall picks were all offensive tackles. Only three offensive players made the list.

Honorable Mention: RB Andre Williams – Boston College, RB Charles Sims – West Virginia, DT Daniel McCullers – Tennessee, DT Aaron Donald – Pittsburgh, QB Derek Carr – Fresno State, OG Cyril Richardson – Baylor, CB Jason Verrett - TCU, CB Darqueze Dennard – Michigan State, CB Lamarcus Joyner – Florida State,  DE Dominique Easley – Florida.