The Tim Tebow User's Manual (Attn: Rex Ryan)

By Jeff Hunter
September 19, 2012 10:56 am
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Rex Ryan has most certainly heard the rumblings that his job could be on the line this season, so one has to figure that he’s being exceptionally mindful of how his team is run nowadays.

Mark Sanchez has definitely heard the rumblings about his job security, even after signing a big extension this past off-season.

Then, to ice the cake, the team traded for the most polarizing figure in sports, Tim Tebow (no, that is not hyperbole…name one other person in sports who is as divisive both off and on the field).

You would think that would all put some pressure on them, right?

If it did, they don’t handle it very well.

After a sterling 48-28 victory over Buffalo in Week One, where Sanchez played the game of his life and the team was as prepared and well-coached as could be, they followed it up with an epic dud in Pittsburgh.  The team was thoroughly outclassed, and Sanchez flopped after obliterating the Bills’ secondary.

In and of itself, that’s one thing.  The Tebow factor, however, changes the circumstances entirely.

Tebow made it onto the field for three plays, the first of which saw him scramble for 22 yards.  The second was a 12-yard run, but the third went for a loss of six.  Apparently, second-and-sixteen is Sanchez territory.  Ryan apparently wasn't aware that Tebow could do this.  or this.

Or, you know, the thing he did two plays earlier.

For the record, Sanchez finished that drive with two incomplete passes.  That was something of a theme for him that night.

For comparison's sake, here's a look at what the team did with Tebow on the field compared to what the Jets managed to do in the fourth quarter as a whole.


Plays11 (plus two defensive penalties)3
Plays With Positive Yardage32
Total Yards3628
Time of Possession2:342:26


Now, Tebow has his very obvious shortcomings.  It's also not in a team's best interest to be switching quarterbacks continuously, as it hurts chemistry and continuity in an offense.  Ryan also can be commended for not bowing to pressure and sticking to his guns, while also showing faith in his starting quarterback that very few people outside of the organization share.



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By Jeff Hunter
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3 years ago
I've always believed & agreed with others who've said, that two backup quarterbacks do not equal one starting quarterback. Tebow's a once in a while passer who runs the hell out of the ball. Sanchez is a once in a while "good" passer who runs like hell for his life.

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