Before the start of the season we targeted eight teams that would be tripping over each other for the title of worst team in the NFL and "win" the opportunity to draft quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, defensive end Jadeveon Clowney or any other prospect of choice. Here are those teams and how they were ranked:

8. Tennessee Titans

7. Detroit Lions

6. Cleveland Browns

5. St. Louis Rams

4. Buffalo Bills

3. New York Jets

2. Jacksonville Jaguars

1. Oakland Raiders

The Detroit Lions are the obvious name that's come off that list since that time. Through four games Matthew Stafford is No. 9 in the league in Passer Rating, up from No. 22 in 2012. He's on a pace to raise his touchdown pass total from 20 to 28 and the Lions are currently fourth in the NFL in Points Scored.

After Week 4 action, here is the updated list of teams that have skidded down in the standings to be included in the Terrible Ten.