A major disturbance in the force ripped through the NFL in Week 10. Ripples began on Thursday night with the Minnesota Vikings' 34-27 defeat of the Washington Redskins. On Sunday it was as if millions of people cried out in anguish as they tore their betting tickets to shreds as the Rams struck down the Colts while the Jaguars slipped past the Titans. Finally, Tampa Bay picked up their first victory in a "millennium" on Monday Night against Miami.

Before sifting through rubble from last week's battles here's the line-up for the Terrible Ten after Week 7:

10. Cleveland Browns

9. Washington Redskins

8. Pittsburgh Steelers

7. Atlanta Falcons

6. Oakland Raiders

5. Houston Texans

4. New York Giants

3. Minnesota Vikings

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

1. Jacksonville Jaguars

With the upsets from last week, how many will lose their chance for a new hope that the No. 1 draft choice would bring? Let's open up the new Terrible 10 and find out.