As a long-time Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan I have seen my fair share of bad offensive lines. If you have been a long-time Colts, Steelers or Patriots fan, then you know the luxuries of not worrying if your quarterback is going to get his face smashed in the dirt every other play.

My point is this: A good offensive line can make an offense great, a great offensive line can make an offense unstoppable.  

Look at the teams I just mentioned - Colts, Steelers and Patriots. These teams have been perennial playoff contenders for the past decade and it's because they have great offensive lines.

Now those three teams do have some pretty good quarterbacks, but when your line gives these quarterbacks the right protections it takes the offense to new heights.

Since everyone knows the story of Tony Mandarich and all the former busts, I'm starting with the 1995 Draft.  

Other criteria that considers a player a bust are draft pick position, career accomplishments - or lack thereof - and off the field behavior. Injuries are somewhat a factor, but that is more bad luck than anything.

Did any of these faces shorten your favorite quarterback's career?

Here are the top 10 offensive line busts since the 1995 Draft.