Hosts Steve Bennett and Don Russ interview the biggest names in sports media and pop culture each week on Football Nation's The Sports-Casters podcast.

Their guest this week is Michael Holley from WEEI in Boston and the author of a number of books about the New England Patriots including "War Room:The Legacy of Bill Belichick and the Art of Building the Perfect Team." 

Holley explains to the guys how the Patriots have taken over Boston from the Boston Red Sox.

Also, Holley talks about the Patriots weaknesses on defense, the Super Bowl or bust expectations in New England, and the fans in New England's attitude towards star players sitting out pre-season games at home. 

Holley also says:

  • Rob Gronkowksi is a rock star in New England
  • It would be an upset of epic proportions if the Patriots didn't win their division
  • Chandler Jones represents a new breed of defensive end in New England
  • Pearl Jam is better than Nirvana

Steve and Don kick off each podcast with "3 Things" but manage to tackle so much more. In this week's segment they discuss the holdout of MJD, Jon Vilma banning Roger Goodell from his restaurant, and Lamar Woodly donating $60,000 to his former high school. Also, Steve and Don chat about Ryan Tannehill being named the stater in Miami, the Honey Badger entering drug rehab, and Aaron Kromer being named the interim coach of the New Orleans Saints. 

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