The SEC's 10 Best College Football Traditions

By Grace Vest
November 30, 2011 9:10 pm
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Not only does the South Eastern Conference take pride of being the best conference in the nation for college football, it also has some of the greatest traditions in football today!  There is nothing like Southern Comfort and the SEC will give you the entire nine yards.  Football is way of life for people in the South and they take great pride of showing that they do so.  In my opinion there are too many to choose from so after research I have chosen my top 10, sorry if you feel like your tradition should be higher ranked than I have picked.

Number 10 on my list would have to be the "Freshman Walk" at Vanderbilt.  All though Vandy isn't the greatest team in the SEC, the "Freshman Walk" is original and I like it.  The entire freshman class has to storm Dudley field before the game opener.  Heck, that game is probably has the most attendance as they will all year because let's face it, the Commodores don't have the greatest football program. 

Number nine on my list is the "Woooo-Pig-Sooie" chant at the University of Arkansas.  No matter where you go in the state of Arkansas, you will hear this chant (trust me).   Before every home game the hog fans "Stand up" to call those Hogs.  I've never seen so many pigs standing up in a crowd just to say Wooo Pig Sooie three times and add the word Razorbacks at the end.  It is the first thing a hog fan will teach his/her child to become a "true" razorback fan.  If you can't learn this chant, I will say you a probably not the most intelligent person if you can't learn this chant because it is by far the easiest chant to learn in college football.  Arkansas fans don’t get mad that your tradition isn’t higher on the list, you haven’t been in the SEC to long.

Number eight is the most annoying sound in college football; the famous cowbells at Mississippi State.  In the early 1900's a mysterious cow interrupted a game and later the Bulldogs won the game.  The cowbells represent good luck, wow! Of all the objects to choose from, they chose the most annoying sound in the entire world.  If you want a head ache head on down to Starkville, Mississippi and they can get the job done.  Mississippi state fans, don't feel offended when people refer to you as a "Cow-College" because you represent it well. 

Number seven is the beautiful "War Eagle" flying high around the Jordan-Hare stadium at the University of Auburn.   This bird is released and it trained to fly around the entire stadium above all the excited fans before a home game, so watch out for poop from falling on your head.  All though Auburn mascot is the tigers some refer the Auburn as the "War Eagle." The war eagle is more of a battle cry than it is a mascot and the song is played by the Universities band before the game.
Number six in the SEC conference traditions would have to be the beloved dog “Smokey” in good ole Rocky Top at the University of Tennessee.  Smokey is a blue tick bloodhound that leads the Tennessee Volunteers out to the stadium in a giant “T” created by the Tennessee Marching Band.  Smokey has represented Tennessee since 1953 and there have been nine different dogs named“Smokey” that run the Volunteers out onto the field.


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By Grace Vest
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Awesome article, Gracie! I of course expected:)
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Mike the Tiger has his own LIVE CAM? That's awesome
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yes go to and you can watch him!

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