Cliff AvrilThe Seahawks unloaded their wallet to get not only a very competitive team in place, but one that could dominate the NFC for years to come. 

Cliff Avril was a key addition giving them a speed option and a potential 10 or more sack maker. 

They gave up their first-rounder in this year's weaker draft class for a stud wide receiver, Percy Harvin.

The additions did not stop there. 

They recently bolstered their secondary by adding Antoine Winfield, a ball-hawk and hard hitter.  They just added defensive end Michael Bennett, formerly of the Buccaneers, coupled with Avril gives them a dynamite sets of ends.

Rather than remain in a chase with the San Francisco 49ers, the Seahawks have turned the field around, and the 49ers are now chasing the Seahawks for the NFC West title. 

The gamble on Percy Harvin was an excellent move giving Russell Wilson a key target down field to further spread the offense out more in 2013.

The defensive moves is where the Seahawks cemented their title hopes. Avril is a sack master off the end, and Bennett is also a good end but will play next season with a torn rotator cuff, the extent of how long he will hold out before surgery remains the be seen. 

The defensive line is solid and will be a test for most opposing teams to contain. It is widely known that a good defense wins championships and Seattle clearly has the best in the NFL next season.

On the flip side, the 49ers also made some moves this offseason, but not nearly enough to keep up with the Seahawks' money purge. They did bring in cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha who had a disappointing season last year but remains a solid corner. 

Craig Dahl isn't really an upgrade at free safety, and their losses were minimal but so were their overall additions, and the Alex Smith trade, could come back to haunt them if Kaepernick has a bad outing next season.

The bottom line is the Seahawks are the team to keep a close eye on as they march their way towards the Super Bowl.