Terrelle Pryor The running quarterback in the NFL is the new phenomenon but with the pros comes the cons.

Witnessing Oakland Raiders young quarterback Terrelle Pryor going down on a draw play to a concussion was a eye opener for fans across the country that quarterbacks need to be more careful.

The NFL has made billions of dollars through the years as they advertise the running quarterback and the excitement they bring to the sport. But watching Pryor go down on a run it makes you think that running around and trying to be elusive always doesn’t work out for the best.

As we watch young quarterbacks such as Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Terrelle Pryor and Colin Kaepernick and their running abilities we also are concerned about their longevity.

Through the years we have watched veteran quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, Michael Vick, run for extra yards and elude pressure defenses throughout his career but we also seen the hits and concussions that has at times plagued his success.

I don’t think this will be the last concussion that we will witness for our running quarterbacks in this league. Unfortunately many quarterbacks don’t think it will happen to them and they take that chance to get those extra yards and even run in for the touchdown.

As Terrelle Pryor was hit with a helmet by Wesley Woodyard you just knew that play would knock him out the game and maybe games to come. I love the fact that the NFL has changed in the last 20 years with what we call the mobile quarterback but sometimes sticking to the basics can limit injuries and concussions.